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Thirumathi Hitler 4th June 2021 Written Update AJ finds the Truth

Thirumathi Hitler 4th May 2021 Written Update: AJ learns a Harsh truth
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Thirumathi Hitler 4th June 2021 Written Update AJ finds the Truth

Thirumathi Hitler The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The episode starts with AJ informs to Doctor that Hasini lost her eyes because of him. Do something to bring back her vision. Doctor informs to him let’s check her first if needs then she will do her surgery. Hasini signals to her don’t do it. AJ says Hasini turns to silent she is a chirpy girl actually. Doctor informs to him she thinks how wife can able to see well that’s why she is waving at her. AJ tells to doctor she is actually scared of surgery that’s why she is signaling to her don’t do it. Doctor assures to him let’s do her best.

Doctor asks Nurse to take Hasini from there. Nurse takes Hasini to treatment room. Hasini gets scared to see the machine there. Doctor comes there and asks Hasini to sit on chair. She asks Hasini put her head in that machine. She checks her and goes out. AJ questions Doctor will Hasini gets her vision back? Doctor tells him no chance for it. Hasini gets happy to hear it and thinks she is a fake doctor. AJ questions doctor doesn’t she is fit to get back her vision? Doctor informs to him that his wife is not blind in first place. She has no idea why is his wife pretending to be blind. But she is damn sure she is acting like blind.

Hasini starts nervous and tells AJ she is lying. She can’t able to see anything. Doctor asks Hasini to stop lying. She adds to AJ that she got doubt on Hasini when she waved at her that’s why she send her nurse out and asks Hasini to sit on chair. She sat on chair correctly if she is blind how could she sit there correctly? AJ questions Hasini what’s it all? Doctor threaten Hasini that she will do surgery to her if she dare to comment her as fake doctor. Hasini stops her and confess the truth she is not blind. AJ gets disappointed to hear it and apologies to doctor for wasting her time and leaves out. Hasini questions doctor Is she married? She replies as no. Hasini complaints that she can’t able to understand her till she married to a husband like AJ. Hasini follows AJ and asks him to stop the car. Hasini informs to him that she done like that for fun.

AJ says to Hasini she played with his emotions and feelings. He asks her to don’t show her face to him and leaves from there leaving Hasini behind. Maya complaints that their plan flopped. Hasini has dare to walk on glass pieces then it’s tough to kick her out of this house. Jaya comes there and enquires them where is AJ and Hasini? They informs to her they went out. Just then AJ comes there and go to his room angrily. He throws down Hasini dress. Jaya questions him where is Hasini. He informs to her he don’t know. She has no rights to stay in this house anymore as his wife. She is a fraud and cheater. She betrayed everyone here.

AJ reveals to all Hasini is not blind but pretended to be. Doctor clearly said to him she was acting. Jaya supports Hasini and asks him to listen her explanation too. Hasini comes there AJ stops her and questions her how dare she to come here after lying? Jaya takes her inside convincing AJ. Hasini confess to all she done it all for fun. Jaya supports Hasini and lashes out at Maya and Chithra for poking their head in husband and wife matter. AJ complaints that Hasini has some hidden intention behind it that’s why she played blind drama here.

Episode end

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