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Thirumathi Hitler 8th June 2021 Written Update AJ not listen Jaya advise

Thirumathi Hitler 4th May 2021 Written Update: AJ learns a Harsh truth
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Thirumathi Hitler 8th June 2021 Written Update AJ not listen Jaya advise

Thirumathi Hitler The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The episode starts with AJ comes to take his breakfast. Jaya serves to him and enquires AJ where is Hasini Isn’t she wake up yet? AJ questions her why is she enquiring about Hasini to him Is he Hasini manager? Jaya says he is not manager but marriager. He stares her in confusion. Jaya informs to him that AJ married to her so he is a marriager. AJ asks her to stop talking in English and enquires about her chest pain? Jaya says to him she is doing well which chest pain he is talking about? AJ reminds her about the cardiac arrest she faced yesterday. Jaya reminds her acting and lies to him she is feeling little relief now after blabbering to him.

She thinks that AJ is remembering such things well. She thinks to unite AJ and Hasini together for that she wanna plan something. Jaya asks to AJ when will he take Hasini to his restaurant? AJ complaints that she played a drama like blind and cheated everyone in this house for four days. In this hoe could he take her to his restaurant? Is she wishes to see him reward Hasini for cheating him? Jaya says to him she played a game here it’s for fun don’t takes it to his heart. AJ complaints that she didn’t played hide and seek game here to take it as a game.

She cheated everyone by playing like Blind. Jaya supports Hasini. AJ adds that he worried for her state and felt guilty for his mistake but Hasini cheated him and took advantage on his innocence. She made him work for her she took revenge on him in anger. Jaya says she is his wife shr won’t take revenge on him. Maya says today only AJ speaking correctly but Jaya is keep supporting Hasini here.

Jaya asks AJ to forgive her. AJ says to her that he allowed Hasini to stay in this house only for Jaya or else she would have out from this house. Jaya says may she acted like that to get his care and love on her. AJ asks her to don’t mention it to Hasini even she is unaware of it. If she mentions it she will act more. Jaya asks AJ to take Hasini with him to his restaurant after his anger over on her. AJ gets up not eating and says to Jaya he will never take her with him to his restaurant. He asks her to stop supporting her and leaves from there.

Jaya asks him to take breakfast and thinks she is suffering here because of Hasini. Archana, Maya and Chithra feels happy to see AJ anger on Hasini. Maya tells them that AJ is very angry on Hasini it seems he will throw her out soon. Chithra says yesterday everything came favor to them but Jaya spoiler everything. She acted like got chest pain and stopped AJ. Archana thinks to kick out Hasini from this house today itself before AJ returning to house.

Maya questions Archana how is it possible? Archana says may AJ loss his anger and come back to home forgetting everything. Jaya will always trying to unite AJ and Hasini so they wanna use this situation to kick Hasini out of this house. Maya and Chithra questions her how is it possible? If they try anything also that Hasini won’t leave this house and Jaya will help her to stay in this house. Maya adds that Hasini saw their wealth so she won’t leave this house at all. AJ is enough to kick her out. What if their plan fails and it’s turns out to be favor to Hasini? AJ will get sympathy on her.

Archana says they can’t sit quietly like this they wanna do something to kick her out of this house. They plans to write a letter like AJ and give it to Hasini. They thinks if she has shame then she will definitely leave this house. Already she lost hope on AJ. Archana writes a letter rest two read it and praises her. They enters into Hasini room to places it. Hasini blabbers in sleep. They makes fun of her after hearing her blabbers. Maya places the letter on bed and leaves from there.

Episode end.

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