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Thirumathi Hitler 9th July 2021 Written Episode Update

Thirumathi Hitler 4th May 2021 Written Update: AJ learns a Harsh truth
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Thirumathi Hitler 9th July 2021 Written Episode Update

Thirumathi Hitler Upcoming Story, The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.Thirumathi Hitler 9th July 2021 Written Episode Update…..

The episode starts with Jaya stops Hasini and questions her where is she going in rush? She fills her hairline with vermilion and asks her to show her nuptial chain. Hasini tells her she needs to drink coffee soon so she will remove the nuptial chain and give it to her then she can place vermilion on it. Jaya stops her and complaints that she is saying like removing the watch. It’s not a thing to remove she shows fake angry on her. AJ stops her from filling the vermilion on her nuptial chain reasoning its time for her to leave. Hasini questions him how is barking like dog till the moment he entered here.

AJ says that she can talk whatever coming to her mouth. Today he gonna put an end card to her game. Doesn’t she entered into this house cheating him. He gonna prove today he didn’t marry her forcefully. Instead she cheated him. He asks her to sign in the divorce paper before leaving from here. Jaya asks him to explain it. AJ says to her that he find out the reason why did she entered into this house. Jaya says to him she is not like that. AJ tells him to be careful near Hasini. AJ says that she has some intention behind it. AJ asks her to sign in it. Hasini gonna sign in it. Jaya wakes up from her dream. She fears the worst to come and thinks something big gonna happen. Now only AJ behaving normally with AJ he is feeling the happiness also. Jaya asks the god to don’t snatch the happiness from him.

Jaya says to god that this house will look dull without Hasini and AJ. Only Hasini can able to bring happiness in AJ’s life. One priest comes there to meet Jaya. Archana welcomes him and asks Chithra to call Jaya. They thinks something is there. Priest question Jaya why did she called him to come here immediately. Jaya narrates her dream to him and shares her grief to him. Hasini says to him now only they started their life but this dream made her feel bad. He says to her god will signal them through dream. She asks him to check the astrology soon.

Archana thinks that she would have give treat to all if Hasini leave from this house. Priest says to her she saw her truth. She saw the future. Chithra and Maya thinks what will be their state if she left from this house. They wishes to join with Archana. Jaya feels disappointed to hear it. She thinks why did this happen in their life why would they separate. Jaya says that she won’t let them separate till she alive. Priest says to her that she can’t able to change the destiny. She says that god will definitely help her for her pooja at least.

Jaya asks him to check whether he know any pariharam for this? Check something and says to her if there is any pariharam to unite them both. Priest check the astrology and says to her destiny is weak against them. She dreamt like vermilion fell down when she about to put vermilion on nuptial chain right? She nods to him. He tells her it means her nuptial chain life is not stronger. May there was a problem while he tied it around her neck. Jaya nods with him. He says to everything happened already how will she correct it now. Jaya pleads with him to give some solutions. He questions her Is she arranged her nuptial chain changing function.

She nods negatively. He asks her to conduct it soon. He asks her to tie the first wife nuptial chain with Hasini and conduct this function then all problems will be over. Archana smirks at her. Archana says to them that god also wishes to evict Hasini from this house but Jaya standing adamant. AJ won’t allow her to do this function reasoning AJ won’t tie Prevali’s nuptial chain on Hasini’s neck. She will definitely leave from this house.

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