This Index Fund Sensex Plan Is Good For SIP

This Index Fund Sensex Plan Is Good For SIP
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This Index Fund Sensex Plan Is Good For SIP

Nippon India Index Fund – Sensex Plan – Direct Plan-Growth

This Index Fund is a large-cap equity mutual fund scheme launched on September 28, 2010, by the Nippon India Mutual Funds. It is an open-ended fund medium-sized fund of its category. The fund has worth Rs 274.98 crore Asset under Management. The fund has Rs 27.4603 Net Asset Value (NAV) declared on 13th May 2022. Its expense ratio is low compared to its category average and stood at 0.15%.

It is a moderately high risky fund when it comes to investing. It has been rated 2-star by the CRISIL, however, it is given below-average performance among peer funds. The primary investment objective of the scheme is to replicate the composition of the Sensex, to generate returns that are commensurate with the performance of the Sensex, subject to tracking errors.

You can start investing in the fund via Lump-sum as well as SIP. The minimum lump-sum amount required is Rs 5,000 and for additional investment, it is Rs 1,000, whereas, for SIP it is Rs 100. The fund has no lock-in period. However, it charges 0.25% on redemption within 7 days of the investment. S&P BSE Sensex is the fund’s benchmark

Absolute And Annualised Returns

Lump-Sum Investment Returns

Since its inception, it has delivered 11.81% average annual returns.

Tenure Absolute Returns Annualised Returns
1 Year 9.48% 9.46%
2 Year 67.44% 29.40%
3 Year 46.16% 13.47%
5 Year 82.92% 12.82%
Since Inception 184.34% 11.81%

SIP Returns

Tenure Absolute Returns Annualised Returns
1 Year -6.03% -11.00%
2 Year 11.40% 10.77%
3 Year 21.71% 13.19%
5 Year 36.40% 12.37%


Fund has 99.93% investment in equities of which 90.53% is in large-cap stocks. The fund has the majority of its money invested in the Financial, Technology, Energy, Consumer Staples, and Materials sectors. It has less exposure to the financial and technology industries than other funds in the category. The fund’s top holdings are Reliance Industries Ltd., HDFC Bank Ltd., Infosys Ltd., ICICI Bank Ltd., and Housing Development Finance Corp. Ltd.

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