Thor: Love and Thunder: Christian Bale talks about the superpower of ‘voting’ after Roe v Wade ruling-Statusmarkets

Thor: Love and Thunder is one of the most anticipated films of the year. As Marvel gears up for its fourth Thor film to release, fans are excited to see the superhero take on some new challenges as fights an all-new antagonist with Christian Bale’s Gorr, the god butcher. The film will also have Natalie Portman return to MCU in a different way.

Pinkvilla was a part of the global press conference of Thor: Love and Thunder where the lead cast of the film including Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman and Christian Bale spoke about their roles and the speciality of the film. With Portman returning a newer version of Jane Foster, who is also Mighty Thor, the actress was asked about her vision of a superhero and if it changed after she herself got to play a side of it in the film.

Speaking about the same, Natalie said, “I didn’t see everything that went on behind the scenes that, you know, now when I got inside into like all of the choreography and the training and everything, I would go like, ‘wow this is a triple job of what I was doing back then.'” 

Adding on to Natalie’s bit, Christian further chimed in on the meaning of being a superhero and having a superpower as he reacted to the US Supreme Court’s decision about overturning Roe v Wade. He said, “Just in light of where I am today, Supreme Court and everything. What’s a true superhero? We all have a
superhero power that is voting. Right? And that’s incredibly important.”

Several celebrities have been speaking up about the Roe v Wade ruling on social media as well as during public events with the likes of Billie Eilish, Taylor Swift and more calling out the decision.

As for Thor: Love and Thunder, the Taika Waititi directorial is all set to release on July 7 in India and July 8 in the US. 

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