Trailer launch of Made-in-India mobile game Indus, know how the game-play will be

Indus - Battle Royale
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Trailer launch of Made-in-India mobile game Indus, know how the game-play will be: Developer SuperGaming has released the first trailer for its upcoming battle royale mobile game Indus. This made-in-India shooter title was released on the occasion of India’s 75th Independence Day. At the end of the trailer, the game developer states that the pre-registrations for Indus – Battle Royale will begin this year.

In the trailer, we found the gameplay of Indus to be very similar to Apex Legends Mobile and COD Mobile. Here too, the players get down from the air and land on the battlefield and then clash with each other. But here we found some elements quite different. We will talk about them further. The game developer describes Indus as an Indo-Futuristic Battle Royale. Let us know about it in detail.

Indus – Battle Royale Trailer Out

The trailer of Indus – Battle Royale gives us a glimpse of the gameplay. The character model and armor look quite futuristic, but in these, you can clearly see a glimpse of Indian culture. Along with this, neither the red blood sheds nor the basil leaves fall when the anime ends here. The character model shatters when shown.

This game will probably give players the option to play the game in both TPP and FPP modes. The area shown in the game trailer is vibrant and green, but the building looks futuristic. Elements of Indian culture are also present in the building. You can watch this trailer above.

Game developer SuperGaming introduced the Indus trailer on August 15 at Times Square, New York. You can see it in the tweet attached above. Talking about the trailer of the game, Roby John, Co-Founder and CEO of SuperGaming said:

“Indus is at a stage where within the development team, we are able to play it regularly internally. While there is still some work to do before Indus is brought to you all, this trailer shows what we are preparing to match your expectations and our ambition to put India on the global gaming map.”

super gaming had earlier done a community playtests of Indus in Pune, in which several e-sports pro and content creators participated. This shows that this game is in the last stage of development.

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