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Trinayani 14th June 2021 Written Update Lalitha Devi Performs a Pooja

Trinayani May 10th May 2021 Written Update: Jasmine Attempts To Kill Nayani
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Trinayani 14th June 2021 Written Update Lalitha Devi Performs a Pooja

Trinayani The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

Episode begins with Thilottama thinking about the happenings in the company. She remembers how Nayani gave an idea to save the company and how she signed the deal for the company. Thilottama is furious. Parsu is sitting on the sofa in her room thinking deeply. Parsu asks her as to why did Lalitha Devi came. Thilottama tells him to educate nayani. Parsu asks her as to what she must be giving her in the room secretly. Thilottama tells him that even if she gives her precious diamond, she don’t know where to hide it. She gets a call from Gangadhar and curses him. Parsu asks her to lift the call and tells her that he will trace it.

Thilottama is about to lift the call but it stops ringing. Parsu asks her to call back but Thilottama tells him that he will call her again and Gangadhar who is sitting in his room calls her again. Thilottama calls him Uncle sweetly which makes him wonder. He asks her about her sweet words and she tells him that he is her husband and also the father of her kids hence she should talk sweetly with him. She tells him that his kids think that he is dead and hence they will worship him like a God if she tells them that he is alive.

Gangadhar mocks her and cuts the room just when parsu asked someone to trace the call. He again calls her and tells them that they can’t trace the call as he is talking just for 59 seconds and it is not possible to record him and cuts the call after telling her his wish to take her Life and telling her that he will meet her once she is on her death bed. Parsu asks her why don’t they kill him to which she tells him that they will crush him as he won’t die soo soon.

Hasini is making everything ready for the Pooja with Grandmother’s help. Vikrat, Gangadhar is also there. Durandhara, Jasmin, Parsu and Thilottama comes there. Parsu tells Grandmother to not arrange the Pooja out of no where as he has to iron his clothes. Grandmother mocks him. Jasmin asks about the Pooja to which Thilottama tells her that Lalitha Devi wants nayani to learn everything and read everything before she signs any project. Jasmin says whether she will be educated by doing Pooja to which Thilottama mocks. Lalitha Devi comes there with Nayani and Vishal. She scolds everyone and says that they have ruined everything her sister worked hard for. They have neglected everything but the moment Nayani entered the house everything started changing for good.

The Pooja starts. Lalitha Devi asks Nayani to make Lord Ganesha’s idol with turmeric and she does. Grandmother asks Vishal to spread rice on the cloth and he obliges happily. The Screen Freezes On Nayani’s Happy Face.

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