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Trinayani 2nd June 2021 Written Episode Update

Trinayani May 10th May 2021 Written Update: Jasmine Attempts To Kill Nayani
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Trinayani 2nd June 2021 Written Episode Update

Trinayani The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

Episode begins with Shiva The Parrot asking Vikrat that whether he wants to become strong and muscled or he wants to be diagnosed by tuberculosis. Vikrat tells him that he wants to be muscled. Shiva The Parrot says that it is not possible as sumana is watching him while exercising and her evil eyes can even melt hills. Vikrat panics hearing it. Sumana asks Shiva as to who suffered from her evil eyes to which he tells her about a person who has become skeleton after she saw him, sumana covers it up saying he died of AIDS. Vikrat panics even more. They then talk about a person who died with cancer after sumana saw him. Vikrat runs away from there. Sumana scolds Shiva to which he asks her to be decent as she came to meet Nayani and not to trap anyone. Sumana dismisses his words.

Nayani is in Gangayya’s place praying Goddess Vishalakshi when Gayathri comes there. Nayani asks her about the memory card to which Gayathri replied that she can’t open it because she doesn’t exist. Nayani is able to see her because of her boon but the truth is a soul doesn’t have a shape. Nayani gets confused and asks her to atleast tell her, what is there in the memory card. Gayathri tells her that the evidence in the memory card will break, hurt and even serve justice. She asks her to take care of it and disappears from there asking her to search for a solution. Nayani prays to Goddess Vishalakshi to show her a way.

Thilottama is searching for parsu who comes there hearing her. She asks him to bring things for the Pooja and gives him the details. Parsu asks her to spend money carefully as this property will be theirs in the future. She glares at him and continues to give him the details. Gangadhar comes there and sees them talking. He soo feels like hurting her. He thinks to atleast hurt her from behind and runs down the stairs and dashes with her because of which her shoulder gets hurt. She shouts at him as he says that he didn’t know that the wall is in the middle.

Hasini comes there and laughs hearing it. She says even at this old age thilottama is strong. Thilottama gets offended and says she is still young. Nayani also comes there. Parsu says that they are conducting Pooja to which Gangadhar asks her to pray. Parsu says he is acting as if he knows how thilottama worships to which he thinks that he is Thilottama’s husband Parsu’s uncle. Thilottama asks Nayani to start the Pooja to which she agrees. Thilottama asks parsu to bring an umbrella and high heels.

Parsu brings an umbrella and high heels to Thilottama who is sitting in the room. Sumana comes there and they both flatter her with their words. They give her high heels and an umbrella. After she left parsu asks Thilottama as to why she did that to which she replies that this sumana will hurt Nayani. The Screen Freezes On Her Face.

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