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Trinayani May 25th May 2021 Written Update

Trinayani May 10th May 2021 Written Update: Jasmine Attempts To Kill Nayani
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Trinayani May 25th May 2021 Written Update

Trinayani May The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

Episode begins with Jasmine setting up the wire to electrocute Nayani while Durandhara is urging her to do it fast as someone may see them. That mentally ill person is watching everything and clapping his hands saying that he won’t tell anyone.

In the Temple Nayani along with Vishal and Hasini is praying to God. Pandit blesses her. She asks him to bless long live for her Husband to which he does and blesses her to be Sumangali. Hasini says that he not only blessed her husband to live long but also blessed her to be Dheerga Sumangali. Nayani smiles happily. Pandit takes them to the Sacred Bell. Shiva the parrot who saw what Jasmine and Durandhara thinks that he won’t let them succeed in their plan. He also says that God is watching everything and He knows everything.

Nayani along with Vishal, Hasini and Pandit comes to the sacred Bell which is supposed to ring three times and sees Durandhara and Jasmine waiting there. Hasini says that they would have come inside the Temple but Durandhara replies to her. She says she wanted to see Nayani ringing the bell. Hasini looks on. While Shiva the Parrot is trying to remove the plug. Pandit asks Nayani to pray and then going inside the circle made of flowers and ring the bell. Nayani is a little bit nervous. Hasini encourages her and even Vishal encourages her. While Jasmine and Durandhara is excited for the outcome. Jasmine tells to Durandhara that now as she touches the bell, she will reach the God of Death YamaRaja. That same mentally ill person comes there and says that he knows everything but he won’t say anything. Pandit asks him not to be naughty. Durandhara shouts at him to leave from there irritated but Vishal calms her and asks that mentally ill person to leave from there politely which he does.

In the Home, Gangadhar comes from the bathroom in his real without any attire when Parsu comes there and asks who is it. Gangadhar says that he is Gangayya and realising that his beard is on the table, he gets nervous. Parsu touches him when power cuts and Gangadhar manages to stick it. Parsu leaves from there.

Shiva The Parrot is trying his best to remove the plug from the switch board but he isn’t able to. Vishal asks Nayani is step back and then running ring the bell. Nayani steps back. Parrot giving up sees that mentally ill person and calls him then he tricks that mentally ill person to remove the plug which saves Nayani just before her hand touches the bell and Jasmine gets shocked seeing her all fine. Nayani rings the bell and it rings two times when it is about to stop Shiva The Parrot moves it because of which it rings. Later after a little argument with Hasini, Durandhara asks Jasmine to ring the bell as she is strong and destermined too. Screen Freezes On Jasmine’s Shocked And Scared Face.

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