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Trinayani May 26th May 2021 Written Update

Trinayani May 10th May 2021 Written Update: Jasmine Attempts To Kill Nayani
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Trinayani May 26th May 2021 Written Update

Trinayani May The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

Episode begins with Durandhara asking Jasmine to ring the sacred Bell wishing her wishes. Jasmine looks tensed. She looks at the bell scared. Hasini asks to do it fast and if she is reluctant and is scared then don’t. Durandhara says none is scared here and if she wants then she herself will ring the bell but Jasmine stops her. The same mentally ill person comes there and dances while Durandhara shouts at him to leave from there. Jasmine still don’t want to ring the bell. Hasini taunts her saying that she is scared that her wish won’t get fulfilled. Durandhara urges Jasmine who says that the bell is electrocuted and if she rings the bell then it will Kill her.

Durandhara says that if nothing happened to Nayani then nothing will happen to her. Hasini is irritated with their secret talks and asks her to ring the bell. Jasmine deciding to ring the bell goes inside and standing inside the circle wishes for God to get her Married to Vishal. Vishal asks her to take a step back. Jasmine thinks if she has to take seven steps with him then she will surely take one step and takes a step back. Shive The Parrot who is watching everything calls that mentally ill person raja and asks him to plug it back if he has courage. Raja saying it needs plug not courage to plug it back and plugs it back. Jasmine comes towards the bell running and rings the bell because of which she gets electrocuted and the bell keep rings. Hasini who is counting the rings asks her to stop after counting upto twelve. Nayani says one should wish only one wish no.

Vishal says may be she wished five to six. Durandhara is tensed as she is now sure that she got electrocuted as the bell keeps ringing continuously. Durandhara asks them to stop their banter as she got electrocuted. They all come towards her and Nayani takes a step to help her but Vishal stops her. Raja brings two sticks saying may be they need this. Hasini appreciating him takes the stick with Durandhara and starts beating her. Finally Jasmine is free but her face has become dark and her hair has become like bird nest. After making sure she is fine they take her home.

Thilottama is sitting on sofa drinking coffee when Parsu comes there. She says he is going to get a surprise and Jagdish a shock and if their fate is good then he may also die. Parsu asks her about it while she asks him to wait. Jasmine calls her and she gets shocked seeing her funny appearance while Parsu hides calling her ghost. Vishal and Hasini tells her what happened while Nayani and Hasini laugh among themselves.

Nayani saying she will pray to Goddess Vishalakshi leaves from there. She tells Gangadhar about the happenings and then prays to Goddess. She takes the Key from the Goddess and taking a box she attaches it with the anklet. Gangadhar recognises it and getting shocked asks her about it. She tells him what Gayathri told her and how she got it. Gangadhar says she got the proof and it is Gayathri’s Key. The Screen Freezes On Nayani’s Face.

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