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Trinayani May 27th May 2021 Written Episode Update

Trinayani May 10th May 2021 Written Update: Jasmine Attempts To Kill Nayani
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Trinayani May 27th May 2021 Written Episode Update

Trinayani May 27th May 2021 Written Update on JustShowbiz.net

Episode begins with Gangadhar telling to Nayani that the anklet is of her mother in law. Nayani gets shocked and remembers sudha’s words. She tells him that she will tell about this to Vishal but Gangayya asks her not to reveal his name.

Jasmine is straightening her hair which have become weird and funny cursing. Durandhara comes there. Jasmine says it’s all because of her that she got into a trouble. She asks what would people say if she had died. Durandhara says people would have said Died ringing a bell to which Jasmine says see how funny it sounds and tells her that a lady like her should die like a soldier. Durandhara says that happens only till you get married and after that you will be in the kitchen.

Jasmine says more than her pain she is unhappy with Nayani’s bell ringing three times to which Durandhara says her bell rang thirty times hence she will get married to Vishal for sure. Later Durandhara asks her to check before she goes on with the plan if she tries to kill Nayani, Jasmine says she will try that on her first. Durandhara leaves from there irritated.

Nayani goes into Vishal room and searches for him. He comes out from the washroom and tells her that he is here and asks her the tell him the matter. Nayani says that she is soo happy today to which he says he is happy too then. She asks him to ask him the reason to which he denies. Nayani not understanding his complicated words tells him that with this key they can open the magical box. Vishal stands up from the sofa shocked. Vishal asks her as to who told her about it. She is about to say Gangadhar but remembers his words and says Gayathri told her about it. Vishal looks on and asks her whether she knows about the anklet, Nayani stands there and Vishal bringing a photo shows it to her.

Nayani asks him how did the anklet go to forest. He accuses Gangadhar with hatred. Nayani asks him why is he accusing Gangayya. Vishal looks at her suspiciously and asks her why did she bring Gangayya into it when he is talking about Gangadhar. Nayani covers it saying she got confused. She asks Vishal to open the box but he denies and says that he will give it to Thilottama and make her open it tomorrow as it is Mother’s Day. Nayani agrees and says this way they may get to know about the murderer.

Thilottama is talking about how jasmine has got trapped in her own plan and says how weird it is that she got shock while Nayani is completely safe. Vishal comes there calling for her. He sits on her bed and tells her about celebrating Mother’s Day tomorrow. He tells her that he is going to surprise her and leaves from there to which Thilottama gets suspicious but Parsu says there is nothing to be suspicious. Screen Freezes On Thilottama And Parsu’s Face..

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