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Trinayani May 28th May 2021 Written Episode Update

Trinayani May 10th May 2021 Written Update: Jasmine Attempts To Kill Nayani
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Trinayani May 28th May 2021 Written Episode Update

Trinayani May The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

Episode begins with Vishal saying that there is a surprise for her and leaving from there. Thilottama wonders about it. Parsu tells her not to overthink.

Next Day Morning, there are decorations all over the house with Gayathri’s photo in the middle for Mother’s Day celebrations. Hasini says speech as if she is on a stage. Durandhara and Jasmine comes there and looks at her weirdly. Even Thilottama and Parsu comes there and looks at her confused. Finally she completes her speech and asks as if there is media to not take her pictures. Durandhara asks her about her behaviour to which she says she won’t know whether Jasmine has hidden a camera to shoot their actions behind curtains to which parsu asks her not to remember everything and to forget about it. Vishal comes there with a box covered with a cloth. He keeps the box on the table and sumana brings the cake. He again talks about something and Hasini again mocks Jasmine. Parsu says she is again talking about the same. Vishal asks for Nayani.

Nayani is on the terrace with a flower pot when Gayathri comes there. She gets happy seeing her. Nayani tells her that they are celebrating Mother’s Day. Gayathri tells her that she will also come and asks her not to tell about her. Nayani agrees to her. They decend down the stairs while everyone looks at her. Sumana seeing her, runs to her and about to hug her but Nayani stops her saying that she will dash to her to which she asks her getting confused as there is none except her. Nayani getting angry asks her to leave.

Nayani goes to Vishal and asks him to start the celebrations. He tells her taht he is going to wish his Mother who gave him birth and later he will wish Thilottama. Nayani agrees while Thilottama burns in anger and curses Nayani. Parsu also thinks that she is jealous. Nayani in many instances unknowingly gives them the hint of Gayathri to which Gayathri asks her to be careful.

Vishal goes to Gayathri’s pic and starts talking to her. Gayathri’s soul stands there and replies to his every word. He tells her that he hated her for leaving him but still in his heart he always loved her. He says I Love You to her to which she replies the same. Nayani feels emotional seeing this. Vishal tells her that one day he will meet her and take her blessings as told by Nayani to which she gets emotional and cries. The Screen Freezes On Nayani’s Vishal’s and Gayathri’s teary face.

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