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Trinayani May 31st May 2021 Written Update Thilottama opens Magic Box

Trinayani May 10th May 2021 Written Update: Jasmine Attempts To Kill Nayani
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Trinayani May 31st May 2021 Written Update Thilottama opens Magic Box

Trinayani May The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

Episode begins with Thilottama holding the key with anklet. Nayani removes the cloth from the box which reveals the box to them. Durandhara taunts them for making a big scene for the old box.

Nayani opens the box to reveal the magic box. She tells them that the key in thilottama’s hand will be helped to open the magic box. Vishal agreeing to Nayani says that she is right and they have kept the box in the guest room thinking it’s room for years. Jasmine has even threw the box away getting sick of it. But Nayani with her broad mind kept the box safe and now they have got the way to open it. Jasmine defends herself. Hasini asks them to open it.

Parsu is getting scared with each passing second. He murmurs to his sister that now he will be in the railway station again begging for customers. Thilottama is tensed. Vishal hands the box to her and asks her to open it while Parsu who is getting scared that what might be in the box tells his sister that their game is over now. Thilottama also thinks the same.

Durandhara ask Nayani as to how does she knows that the key is of the magic box. Nayani asks Vishal whether she should tell her to which Vishal permits her. She tells them that they have got the key in the forest wheree Gayathri was killed. They get shocked hearing it. Nayani tells them that even the anklet is of Gayathri. When they questions her, she shows them the photo of Gayathri. Thilottama is shaking inside.

Vishal urges her to open the box. Thilottama with fear opens the box and gets shocked seeing a small chit like thing inside. Vishal takes the chit out and opening it, he finds a memory card. He gets shocked seeing it and says he was sure there must be something inside. He says may be his Mother has stored some memories. Gangayya says may be it will reveal how his mother died. Vishal agrees and going towards the TV. He inserts the memory card. He switches it on but unfortunately it shows error. Thilottama says that they will see it tomorrow but Vishal denies saying he wants to show it to her today itself as he has seen how panicked she was when she saw the box.

Parsu says to her that may be he wants to show her Death. Thilottama is shaking inside. He tries again to play the memory but it didn’t work. Nayani asks him whether it is not working. He tells her that it will work and calls someone and asks him to come to his house as soon as possible telling the reason. Gangayya asks him who is it to which he says it’s their technician. The screen freezes on Thilottama’s Face.

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