Tujhse Hai Raabta 26th April 2021 Written Update Kalyani asks Malhar to trust her

Tujhse Hai Raabta 26th April 2021 Written Update Kalyani asks Malhar to trust her

Tujhse Hai Raabta 26th April 2021 Written Update Malhar helps

Tujhse Hai Raabta The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama

Episode begins with anupriya asking driver whether he has kept all the boxes and her sprinkling rice on the van..In Moksh’s room Kalyani records a message for moksh where she asks him to take care of himself and also tells him that she has set his table where he can keep his sketch pens,books and all his things. She asks him to not to mess it up and gets emotional while saying this.

Scene shifts to anupriya who is doing Aarti to the van and then attempts to break coconut, she sees aausaheb watching her and pointing her finger towards her and thinks that she is asking her to break coconut. She shows her the two pieces of coconut. She then goes inside the house to call Kalyani but is stopped by aausaheb who held her hand.

Scene again shifts to kalyani who asks moksh to keep his clothes folded and hang the clothes on the hanger and not to mess up the cupboard after she leaves. Anupriya comes there and asks her where she is going. Kalyani gets shocked and tells her that she is doing it just like moksh surprised her. Anupriya asks her to come to tempo to do the Pooja.

Scene shifts to Tempo where Kalyani is doing Pooja. They chant Lord Ganesha’s name and the tempo leaves from there. They see aausaheb coming towards them and they run to her and stop her. Aausaheb calls Kalyani’s name and tells her that there is drugs in the Saree boxes. Kalyani and Anupriya gets shocked nad Kalyani follows the tempo to stop it and succeeds in stopping it. She sees drugs packets in the box and decides to take it to the Police Station, She was about to leave but Malhar comes there and shows her the paper. Meenakshi comes there in the car while Malhar remembers how Meenakshi showed him this paper and told him that Kalyani is the leader and a drug consignment truck is leaving, when Malhar denies, Meenakshi accuses him of being disloyal to his duty. Kalyani tries to explain malhar and hold his hand but Malhar snatches his hand away from her hold and asks her about the consignment.

Kalyani says she doesn’t know. Malhar tells her that if the condition is not like this then he would have helped her but she brought upon herself by behaving suspiciously and he doesn’t know whom to support. Kalyani asks him to trust her but he says she is responsible for this. Meenakshi asks him to arrest her as the tempo if filled with drugs and he arrests her. Kalyani pleads him to believe her. He is about to take her but Meenakshi tells him to take the tempo and she will bring Kalyani. She pushes Kalyani into her police car and starts driving. They argue in the car while Kalyani keeps telling that she doesn’t know and she will prove herself in the court. Meenakshi laughs at her and tells her that she isn’t taking her to the court but is going to kill her. Meenakshi stops the car and pulls Kalyani out pointing gun at her,she is about to pull the trigger but there comes a black spray and suddenly Kalyani disappears from there.

Scene shifts to Rane house where Malhar is saying the situation to them while Anupriya tells him that Kalyani was bringing the truck to him and he lost his trust on his wife just because of a paper and is this his love? She asks him what will he answer moksh. He tries to explain himself but then Meenakshi comes there and accuses them of acting. Malhar tells her taht they didn’t know anything and he is the one to help Kalyani in running away. Everyone gets shocked and Malhar remembers how he helped her. Meenakshi hold him collar and asks him about his responsibilities but he pushes her away and asks her not to talk about responsibilities and he knows him wife. Meenakshi suspends him and the screen freezes on their shocked faces.

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