Typhoon Nanmadol: Hundreds of flights cancelled in Japan, aviation services to remain disrupted

Typhoon Nanmadol: Hundreds of flights cancelled in Japan, aviation services to remain disrupted
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Over 500 flight services have been cancelled in Japan’s southwestern region due to Typhoon Nanmadol in the region. Heavy rains and strong winds have made take-offs and landings unsafe within the country and affected aviation services massively. Various airlines have to cancel flights every hour due to the storm. The mass cancellation has gone up to 500 domestic flights, along with many more planned to remain grounded until further notice. However, if Typhoon Nanmadol does not subside, then flights will remain grounded. Japan’s flag carrier Japan Airlines has cancelled over 350 flights until now, which has affected the travel itineraries of more than 7,000 passengers. 

The airline has canceled all flights to and from Kikai, Tokunoshima, Okinoerabu, Yoron, Tarama, Okinawa Naha, Kumejima, New Ishigaki, Amamioshima, and Shimojishima airports.

The airline has further warned that domestic flights scheduled to fly from airports such as Niigata, Komatsu, Tokyo Haneda, Nagoya Chubu, Osaka Itami, Osaka Kansai, Nanki-Shirahama, Tajima, Oki, Okayama, Izumo, Hiroshima, Yamaguchi Ube, Tokushima, Takamatsu, Kochi, Matsuyama, and several others, would also be affected either by cancellations or lengthier delays due to possible issues of poor visibility, reports SimpleFlying. 

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Typhoon Nanmadol pounded Japan with strong winds and heavy rains on Sunday, causing blackouts, paralyzing ground and air transportation, and the evacuation of thousands of people. Over 9,000 residents took shelter at evacuation centers on Sunday. In the neighbouring Miyazaki prefecture, another 4,700 people were evacuated. 

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