Udaariyaan 11th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Nehmat feels guilty

Udaariyaan 11th November 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Advait opening the room door and finding the hotel staff. The staff gives him water and leaves. Nehmat is relieved. Ekam checks the register. He thanks the receptionist and gets ready to leave. He phones Nehmat. But her phone is non-reachable. Ekam is upset that he can’t find Nehmat and can surprise her.

He hopes that Nehmat is fine wherever she is. In the room, Advait offers water to Nehmat and covers her with a blanket. Nehmat expresses her frustration about having to share a room with Advait by lying to Ekam. She says that he wrote their names on the register and asks what if anyone sees it. Advait recalls writing the wrong names on the register and tells Nehmat the same.

Udaariyaan 11th November 2022 Written Episode Update

He says that he is more worried than her about anyone finding out about them staying in the same room as he is a politician. He covers her with a blanket again so that she doesn’t fall sick. Nehmat cries, feeling guilty for lying to Ekam. She says sorry Ekam.

On the other hand, Ekam is sitting in front of a campfire with some people. He apologizes to Nehmat in mind for not being able to find her. He imagines Nehmat sitting next to him. Ekam says to Nehmat that he is sacred of Nehmat going away from him. Nehmat promises Ekam to never leave him.

In the morning in Moha, Naaz smirks, looking at Nehmat and Advait’s photos on her phone. Just then, Shelly phones Naaz and says that Advait and Nehmat have left the hotel and she doesn’t know where they went. Shelly asks Naaz if she showed Nehmat and Advait’s photos to Mallika. Naaz says that they don’t know exactly what they did there. Shelly reminds Naaz that they shared the same room and urges Naaz to show the photos to Mallika. Naaz says that she will see.

At Randhawa’s house, Jayveer, Renuka, Ekam, and Mallika have a discussion about Mallika and Advait’s wedding and spend family time. Ekam is happy to see his dad happy after a long time. Mallika complains to Ekam about Nehmat not contacting her. Ekam phones Nehmat, but he can’t connect with her. He hopes that Nehmat has reached home. Nehmat reaches her house.

She is in a dilemma about whether to tell Ekam about sharing the same room with Advait. Just then, she receives Ekam’s call. She answers it. Ekam says that he reached Shimla to find her. Nehmat apologizes to Ekam for not being able to meet him on their special day. Ekam says that Nehmat should get punished. Nehmat gets worried.

Ekam says that Nehmat should give him five kisses at Mallika’s pre-wedding function, which will take place that evening. Nehmat tries to tell Ekam about Advait, but Ekam is being called, so he disconnects the call. Nehmat talks to her parents’ photo frame and says that she again couldn’t tell Ekam the truth. Satti shows the same two jewelry sets that she got for Nehmat and Naaz to Rupy.

Rupy is worried about Naaz and Nehmat. He is scared that they will get punished for his son. He regrets asking Jasmine to leave Moha as it’s forced her to abandon Naaz. In Canada, Jasmine also recalls Rupy asking her to leave Moha. She says that because of Rupy’s decision, Naaz isn’t with her. Here, Rupy blames his decision for Jasmine not being with Naaz to attend her wedding.

There, Jasmine wishes to help Naaz to get ready for her big day and says that it isn’t possible because of Rupy. Jasmine further says that now she has money, power, and everything, but she longs for Naaz. She says that Rupy thought about Tejo and Nehmat, but not about Naaz.

She says that Rupy separated her from her daughter because of Nehmat, who isn’t his blood. Jasmine is determined not to snatch anything from Naaz. She says that she left Moha by her wish and will return there by her wish. She decides her outfit to wear for the wedding.

Naaz goes to Nehmat and asks about her trip and the article on which she’s working. Nehmat says that the problem is solved. Naaz asks if her friend helped, to which Nehmat says yes. Nehmat says that she’s happy about Naaz’s wedding. Naaz thinks that it’s not true.

Nehmat goes to the washroom. Naaz says that her wedding will definitely take place, but is not sure about Mallika’s. She wonders why Nehmat needed Advait’s help. She checks Nehmat’s files and learns that Ekam and Jayveer can go to jail.

Udaariyaan 11th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Advait is on a call with Jasmine and informs her that he prevented the article from being published so Nehmat can never reach his dad or her. He says that Nehmat trusts her. Jasmine gets angry when Advait calls her aunty. She asks him to call her Jazz.

Jasmine congratulates Advait on his wedding and hopes that the wedding takes place without any obstacles. Jasmine looks at her and Naaz’s photo frame. She says that Naaz has a sister too. She wishes to fulfill all their wishes. At Sandhus’ house, Naaz is happy to learn that Ekam and Jayveer can get arrested and thinks of using it to spoil Nehmat and Mallika’s happiness.