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Udaariyaan 12th July 2021 Written Update: Jasmin feeling guilty for Tejo

Udaariyaan 12th July 2021 Written Update: Jasmin feeling guilty for Tejo

Udaariyaan Upcoming Story, The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist, now in the upcoming drama. Udaariyaan 12th July 2021 Written Update….

The episode starts with Jasmine tells Tejo that she now truly thinks that she should have married Fateh that day but she was too stubborn. She then tells that she should have given in when they all tried making her understand her but she didn’t. She also says that she is feeling guilty for Tejo to marry Fateh who will never Love her back and apologizes to her for putting her in that loveless relationship. Tejo looks at Jasmine and asks her why she is saying that she and Fateh are best friends they both do everything together so soon this will help them to take the next step to their relationship. Jasmine gets shocked but covers it up with a forced life.

Tejo also says that in Fateh’s family Amrik, Gurpreet, and Nimmu doesn’t like her but at the same time Babu Ji, Biji, Khushbeer, and Mahi likes her and supports her a lot also her biggest support system in that house is Fateh so soon the people who didn’t accept her will also accept her. She then tells Jasmine to think positively. Jasmine tells Tejo that she is right so from now on bye-bye to negative thoughts and welcome to Positive thoughts. They both laughs. Tejo gets a call from Fateh so she excuses herself and goes to talk to him. Jasmine sees the way Tejo is talking to Fateh on her mobile. She thinks about the days she spent with Fateh so she holds the cost tightly. Tejo asks Fateh now what he cant able get to which Fateh tells his best friend. Tejo smiles and scolds him. Fateh tells Tejo that he is used to her presence so now he is feeling alone and asks Tejo to come to the house soon. Tejo smiles and tells okay. Fateh asks Tejo where is his headphone to which Tejo tells its nearby the bed table only. Fateh gets shocked and asks Tejo how she knows. Tejo tells that she not only knows him but also understands him well. Jasmine gets angry. Fateh then asks Tejo did she had her dinner or not to which Tejo says yes and asks what about him Fateh tells no and says its because she is not here. Tejo smiles and asks Fateh to have dinner and go to sleep.

Satti thinks about Jasmine’s behavior and worries. Rupi comes there and asks Satti why she is worried this much and asks her to not to worry saying Tejo and Fateh is accepting each other slowly also Jasmine decides to marry Gippi and Tejo and Jasmine reconcile their relationship so asks her to relax. Satti tells Rupi she doesn’t know why but she is worried also asks Rupi will Jasmine marry Gippi. Rupi smiles and tells Satti tomorrow he and Harman is going to meet Gippi’s parents so asks her not to worry then goes to the room. Satti prays god to make everything normal. Tejo lays beside Jasmine and asks her why Gippi didn’t call her saying Satti told her all this. Jasmine tells Tejo that she strictly instructed him not to call her today saying she need to spend time with her sister. Tejo tells Jasmine that Gipp is Handsome sensible and most understanding. Jasmine tells but it’s not Fateh then asks Tejo not to take it in a wrong way saying she is just telling what’s in her mind. Then they both get interrupted by Fateh’s call so Jasmine tells them that she will go back to her bed and leaves. Tejo asks Fateh what he wants now to which Fateh says that he is making Maggie so he decides to ask her she wants it or not because he can’t able to have it. Tejo tells Fateh that she donr need.

Jasmine looks at Tejo then calls her friend and tells that Fateh is continuously calling Tejo just because he knows that she is with Tejo but both Fateh and Tejo are thinking that she is a fool then disconnects the call. Later once again Fateh calls Tejo who answers Fateh’s video call and gets shocked seeing him outside her house so asks him what is he doing. Fateh tells Tejo that he brought her Maggie is she going to make him wait outside. Tejo worries someone might see but Fateh asks Tejo to open the door so Tejo goes to open it. Jasmine hears it so she goes upstairs to see what’s happening. Tejo asks Fateh what is he doing here. Fateh tells that he brought Maggie for his wife also she knows very well that he cant eat alone. Then both Fateh and Tejo enter the house so Jasmine comes downstairs and goes to her bed and acts like sleeping.

Fateh stops in his track when he sees Jasmine sleeping and asks Tejo if Chameli is sleeping here to which Tejo nods yes. Fateh recalls Jasmine’s proposal for Gippi then he and Tejo sits on the stairs. Tejo takes the Maggie box from Fateh’s hand and tells him its Yummy and refuses to give him the Maggie but Fateh snatches it and has a spoon of Maggie then spits and asks Tejo why she is calling this Maggie yum when its tastes like crap. Tejo tells that he brought her this Maggie with so much effort so she doesn’t want to hurt him. Jasmine recalls how she threw all the marriage things and before she leaves the place Fateh warned her about she may not able to return back to him ever. Fateh and Tejo look at the moon. Fateh tells Tejo that he missed her a lot. Tejo smiles and tells Fateh even she missed him. Fateh then asks Tejo to let him stay here when Tejo asks Fateh to leave the house saying someone may see them together also promises Fateh to meet him for lunch tomorrow. Before leaves, the house Fateh glances at Jasmine and leaves the place. Jasmine tightens her hold on her cot and tells Fateh Singh Veer now you become my goal and I won’t leave you that easily. In the morning Fateh talks to one of the investors asks him to wait to say he will reach the academy in few minutes then he sees Jasmine there so he goes and hides it and wonders what is he doing here. Fateh thank looks at his bike so decides to walk past Jasmine thinking he won’t spare her if she truly does something stupid. Jasmine acts like she is talking to her friend and walks past Fateh who gets shocked seeing Jasmine’s behavior and looks at her confusingly. Jasmine smirks and hides then she hides and looks at Fateh who searches for her so she gets happy. Fateh looks for Jasmine.

The episode ends

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