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Udaariyaan 15th June 2021 Written Episode Update

Udaariyaan 15th June 2021 Written Episode Update

Udaariyaan The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The episode starts with Tejo gets angry seeing Fateh drinking the whole bottle of alcohol so she goes to him and asks what kind of behavior is this and is this how he is going to drown his life. Fateh asks Tejo to just relax then asks her to dance with him saying that they are husband and wife. Tejo tells Fateh that they can dance but before that he has to give her the bottle but Fateh refuses then he puts the music on.

Fateh runs here and there, Tejo tries to get a bottle from Fateh but she fails. Fateh imagines that he and Jasmine is dancing together. Fateh lifts Tejo thinking its Jasmine. Tejo hears the door bell ringing so asks Fateh to put her down. Fateh tries to go and open the door but Tejo stops him and takes him to the room saying that he has to wait there. Tejo goes to open the door and wonders who is at this time.

Tejo gets shocked seeing Satti and Sukhmini in the doorstep. Satti tells Tejo that she comes to give her her favorite food which Rupi asks her to give her. Satti then asks Tejo where is everyone. Tejo says to Satti and Sukhmini everyone went to Vaishnavi Devi temple. Satti and Sukhmini asks both her and Fateh is alone in the house. Tejo tells yes and then asks Satti and Sukhmini to go to house.

Tejo worries that Fateh might come outside any time. Satti and Sukhmini asks where is Fateh and they both goes inside the house. Tejo says to them that Fateh is busy working about his father’s upcoming campaign. Tejo then tries to hide the alcohol bottle from Satti and Sukhmini. Satti and Sukhmini asks Tejo what she made for dinner then they both praises Tejo for the food she made.

Fateh calls Tejo from inside the room. Tejo gets worried and goes to stop Fateh from coming infront of Satti and Sukhmini. Fateh asks Tejo to give him his alcohol bottle. Tejo tries to make him understand by saying something totally different from what he is asking so Fateh asks Tejo is she also get drunk. Tejo then puts Fateh inside the room and then tells Satti and Sukhmini that Fateh is too busy so she will inform him about them later. Satti and Sukhmini senses something wrong yet they decides to leave. Fateh comes there and greets Satti and Sukhmini. Satti and Sukhmini gets sad and leaves the place.

Tejo gets angry so she asks Fateh is this necessary to make fun of their relationship infront of her family members. Fateh tells Tejo that his life has been ruined and even after all the things Jasmine did to him he cant able to forget her. Fateh then puts his head on Tejo’s lap then cries recallinv the moments he shared with Jasmine.

Tejo also cries seeing Fateh. Fateh says to Tejo that Jasmine broked his heart into pieces and it’s really hard to live this life. Tejo advices Fateh that time can only heal wounds and give strength to move on. Fateh then hugs Tejo and cries. Tejo then realises that Fateh falls asleep on her shoulder so she takes him to the bed. Tejo tries to get up but Fateh takes her hand and then says that Jasmine left him but he dont want Tejo to leave him also like Jasmine. Tejo thinks Jasmine why did you do this to Fateh, why did you ruined Fateh’s life.

The episode ends.

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