Udaariyaan 16th March 2022 Written Update: Fateh and Tejo’s romantic time

Udaariyaan 16th March 2022 Written Update: Udaariyaan The serial never fails to impress the audience with interesting drama and twists, now in the upcoming drama Fateh thinking about what would be going on inside, I will say that mum has sent me to pick Jasmin. He stops seeing Tejo and Angad. Angad stops Tejo and gives her the gift. Fateh thinks why is he always ahead of me. Angad says thank God you liked it. tejo says yes, but I can’t take it, it’s expensive.

He says it will be expensive if you wear it, please accept it. Fateh thinks my gift isn’t expensive like Angad’s gift. Tejo says you got a cake also, this isn’t needed, don’t force me. Angad says fine, but you broke my heart. She says sorry. She sees Fateh and runs outside. Fateh keeps the gift there and goes. She says he didn’t meet me and left, my phone was on charging, did he see me with Angad, he would be upset again, I missed him a lot even today.

Udaariyaan 16th March 2022 Written Update
Udaariyaan 16th March 2022 Written Update

Udaariyaan 16th March 2022 Written Update

She sees the gift box. She says he got a gift for me and didn’t give me. Angad says no one can compete with me in eating gulab jamuns. Dilraj says I can eat the most. He starts eating. Tejo comes in and hides the gift from Rupy. He asks why did you go out. She says the delivery boy had come, he had to go to some other address and came here. Satti asks him to come. Tejo hides the box. She eats the last gulab jamun. Angad looks at her.

Amrik says I m worried that Jasmin’s family will forgive her or not. Gurpreet asks are you worried about her. He says I was scared before, but I pity her, she has nobody with her when I got to know about their affair, I felt very bad and didn’t wish to see her, now I feel she is kiddish, she is nice. She blesses him to stay happy. He says this guilt of killing someone will always be there. She says it was an accident, forget it.

He asks would that man die. She says yes, else Jasmin would have told you and Tejo, Tejo would never hide such a big thing from us. Tejo says I will drop Jasmin home. Angad says come, I will drop you. Jasmin says no, I have to talk to Tejo on the way. Tejo says I booked a cab. Jasmin says I know Tejo is dying to meet Fateh. Rupy thinks I have to make sure that Fateh doesn’t hurt Tejo again. Fateh comes home. Amrik asks is Jasmin fine, did you go home to wish Tejo.

Fateh says no, don’t worry, Tejo is with her. Amrik says I will go and see. Tejo brings Jasmin home. Amrik asks are you fine, I was afraid that your family will forgive you or not. Tejo says Jasmin apologized to them. Amrik says I m so proud of you. Tejo thinks Amrik really cares for her, I wish he accepts the truth and forgives her. She gives the sweets to them.

She sees Fateh sitting upset. He thinks she didn’t wear the earrings. She thinks he is jealous, but he looks cute. She keeps a piece of sweets in the purse. She says I will go now. Jasmin says I have sent the cab, how will you go now. Tejo says I will book a cab again. Mahi says why, Fateh is booked for you ever, he will drop you. Fateh says you should have thought of it before coming. Tejo says you should have thought of this before falling in love. He smiles. She holds him. She asks him to stop being upset, why did he leave without meeting.

He asks how do you know. She says I had seen you. He says you were busy with your best friend. She calls him jealous of Angad. She says dad called Angad, he got an expensive gift for me but I didn’t take it. He smiles and asks why he is your best friend. She says I take gifts from one I love. He asks did your love give you any gift. She says yes. She taunts him.

Amrik brings Jasmin to the room. He makes her sit on the bed. He says you can sleep well today. She says you don’t need to get scared of me, you can also sleep in peace. He says don’t know, that guilt of killing someone won’t let me sleep in peace. She says no, start a new life as I did. He says no, I can’t, you don’t worry, I will try. He makes her lie down. She thinks I can’t tell the truth when everything is getting fine. Fateh asks did you see the gift.

Tejo says no, I thought the Sadu who kept it, will open it. She gives him the box. He shows the earrings. She likes it. He makes her wear it. They share a moment. tum to rahogi meri…plays… They hug. Rupy asks did Tejo come. Satti says she will come, what are you thinking. He says I want to make Tejo away from that family, they love her and hurt her too, this happened because of Fateh.

She says don’t forget, Tejo just loves Fateh. He says don’t say that. Tejo shows the sweets to Fateh. He lights a matchstick over the Kaju barfi. He wishes we will be soon together. She wishes forever. Tu thodi der….plays… He feeds the sweets to her and says happy birthday. She feeds it to him.

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