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Udaariyaan 19th July 2021 Written Update: Fateh surprises Tejo

Udaariyaan 19th July 2021 Written Update Fateh surprises Tejo
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Udaariyaan 19th July 2021 Written Update: Fateh surprises Tejo

Udaariyaan 19th July 2021 Written Update

Udaariyaan Upcoming Story, The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist, now in the upcoming drama. Udaariyaan 19th July 2021 Written Update

The episode starts with Jasmine recalls Fateh’s words about how much he hates her which makes her angry. Saurabh talks to Gippi’s mother about the marriage preparation of Jasmine and Gippi’s marriage. Jasmine enters the house. Saurabh stops Jasmine and forces her to talk to Gippi’s mother. Gippi’s mother calls Jasmine a beautiful girl. After she disconnects the call Jasmine lashes pur at her aunt asking her not to involve her in her games. Saurabh tells Jasmine that she knows her true intentions so she won’t let her do what she wants.

Jasmine tells Saurabh even she told Tejo but she didn’t believe her right then why she is behind her back. Saurabh tells Tejo is too Innocent she isn’t aware that her own sister is planning to take her husband from her. Jasmine tells Saurabh that she is not planning to snatch anyone’s husband she is just going to take what’s hers so asks her aunt to stay out of it and leaves the place.

Buzo appreciates Fateh for handling the situation in a good way and then asks Fateh to forget Jasmine and fills his thoughts with Tejo. Fateh thinks about Jasmine’s love confession about him.

Udaariyaan 19th July 2021 Written Update

The next day Gippi comes to meet Sandhu’s. Gippi tells that his stomach is so full so he can’t able to eat anything. Satti and Sukhmini praises him for being a good person just like their son-in-law Fateh. Jasmine gets angry and upset seeing everyone’s happiness. Tejo asks Gippi that he will bring Jasmine to India once in a while right to which Gippi tells him he will also if he fails to bring Jasmine then he will take everyone to Canada.

Jasmine goes inside her room and worries. Then she calls Sweety and tells her that her plan to avoid Fateh backfired its all because of Tejo who changed Fateh into a whole different person. Sweety asks Jasmine what she is going to do next.

Jasmine tells that she will prove to Fateh that she still loves him also she will make sure he realizes his love for her and says that Satti is planning to gift Fateh so asks Sweety to pray to God that this plan doesn’t backfire her. Sweety asks what it is but Jasmine refuses to tell her. Then she gets shocked seeing Tejo so asks her when did she come here.

Tejo smiles and tells her that she came here now only then seeing Jasmine’s odd behavior she asks why she looks so nervous. Jasmine tells nothing and says that she is happy for her and hugs her. Jasmine forces a smile then she recalls Fateh’s words and gets sad. Gippi tells that he will meet the Sandhu’s soon. Tejo asks Jasmine to send off Gippi properly so Jasmine goes with Gippi. Dilraj also goes behind him.

Tejo tells Satti that she is going because Fateh is waiting for her. Satti asks her to wait to say she has a gift for her. Tejo tells that she is not a guest but their daughter. Sukhmini tells that when a girl comes to her house and then leaves fo for her in-laws then she won’t go with an empty hand. Rupi also asks Tejo to accept the gift.

Satti tells Tejo it’s a gift for both her and Fateh. Fateh comes to pick up Tejo. Gippi says to Fateh that he arrived a little late. Fateh tells that he is here to pick up his wife Tejo. Gippi then puts his hand around Jasmine and tells her that their marriage has been fixed.

Jasmine looks at Fateh. Fateh looks at the way Gippi holds Jasmine and forces a smile. Tejo comes there. Fateh takes the bag from her hand and then links his arms with her. Tejo gets surprised and smiles. Jasmine looks at that and gets angry. Tejo then goes with Fateh. Gippi also leaves the place. In the car, Fateh thinks about Jasmine’s confession he also thinks about Buzo’s advice so he asks Tejo how they can go on a night out. Tejo asks Fateh is asking to have dinner outside, if that’s what then they can’t because Gurpreet has already asked her to join them at the dinner.

Fateh tells her it’s not dinner, they will go on a road trip and spend a whole night out then he pleads Tejo to agree with him saying he will talk to Gurpreet. Tejo agrees to Fateh’s plans. Fateh tells Tejo that he thought she won’t agree with his plans. Tejo asks Fateh what he knows about her to which Fateh tells that she is a beautiful intelligent person.

Tejo tells Fateh that he doesn’t know fully about her then they both laugh together. Fateh joins his hands with Tejo who smiles at him then he removes his hands from her. Fateh and Tejo go somewhere in their car then they both get stuck in the traffic. Fateh tells Tejo it will take four hours to clear the traffic. Tejo gets shocked. Jasmine tells her friend Sweety that she doesn’t want Fateh to open the gift in front of Tejo.

Tejo tells that they have to find a place to have dinner because she is hungry already and they both laughs. Fateh then sees a place so he takes Tejo out of the car and then they both runs towards the place. Harman tells that they have to ask Gippi’s family to give Shagun to Jasmine as a part of the ritual who gets tensed hearing his words. Satti receives a message from Tejo she informs everyone that Fateh took Tejo outing.

Saurabh looks at Jasmine and then tells her it must be their romantic plans. Everyone smiles. Jasmine gets angry and she thinks to herself that she needs to find out where Fateh has taken Tejo. Udaariyaan 19th July 2021 Written Update.

The episode ends.

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