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Udaariyaan 20th July 2021 Written Update: Tejo and Fateh gets romantic

Udaariyaan 20th July 2021 Written Update Tejo and Fateh gets romantic
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Udaariyaan 20th July 2021 Written Update: Tejo and Fateh gets romantic

Udaariyaan 20th July 2021 Written Update

Udaariyaan Upcoming Story, The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist, now in the upcoming drama. Udaariyaan 20th July 2021 Written Update…

The episode starts with Gurpreet tells her family members that both Fateh and Tejo decide to spent a night outside. Khushbeer asks in the night? Nimmu tells that it must be Tejo who asked Fateh to do this, why not they inform if they want to go to their honeymoon who is going to stop them. She then asks Gurpreet to call Fateh but Mahi asks Gurpreet not to do. Babu Ji also agrees with Mahi and tells his wife before their marriage he also took her with him for a night outright.

Biji gets shy and asks Babu Ji to stop. Mahi teases them and tells for the last few days she can see the positive sign from Tejo now it’s clear even Fateh has fallen for Tejo too. Amrik gets irritated but doesn’t say anything. Fateh and Tejo go to the place where the youngsters are partying in the middle of the forest. Jasmine thinks about Satti’s words and calls both Fateh and Tejo then gets worried that both of their mobiles are not in reachable condition and wonders where they must have gone.

Udaariyaan 20th July 2021 Written Update

Amrik tells Mahi not to act like that she knows everything, the only reason Fateh take Tejo out is that Tejo went to meet Gippi today and Fateh went to pick her up then he must have get upset seeing Gippi and Jasmine so asks her not to think that Fateh has fallen in love with Tejo. Mahi asks Amrik not to act like he knows everything too because she is sure that Fateh forget Jasmine and now calling for Tejo then leaves the place. Amrik tells that he knows Fateh will never Love someone the way he loved Jasmine.

Fateh and Tejo sit with the people and then Fateh introduces himself also introduces Tejo to them. One person from the group recognizes Fateh then starts praising him both Fateh and Tejo look at each other and smile. The group of people ask Fateh to have drink but Fateh refuses saying they have to go a long way when they asked Tejo she tells that she dont drink. So the group of youngsters asks them to have fruit punch.

Fateh smells the fruit punch and realizes the alcohol has been mixed in it but before he could stop Tejo she takes her first sip of that drink and tells the taste is good. One girl asks are newlywed. Both Fateh and Tejo nods their head. Then the girl asks it’s a Love marriage or arranges marriage.

Everyone asks them to tell before Tejo tells anything Fateh tells them it’s a Love marriage. One of the girls tells that she knows their marriage must be a love marriage then asks them to tell their love story. Fateh asks Tejo’s help but Tejo tells it’s his idea to tell their marriage is Love marriage so he is the one who has to narrate them. Fateh tells Tejo that she is a good storyteller so asks her to tell.

Tejo gives in and stands up then says to everyone that she is a college lecturer. One day she was returning from the college very late and there were goons who started following her so she decides to walk fast then she falls that time Fateh comes there on a horse seeing him the goons ran away then he helped her get out of that place and takes her with him then put her in the water.

One girl asks it must be Love at first sight then. Then the group asks how did they get married. Tejo tells that her marriage was fixed to someone else. Everyone gets shocked and asks what happened next, do they both elope. Fateh tells that he will narrate the story from here. Then says everyone that he was sad that Tejo is going to ger married to someone else.

One girl asks like Heer and Ranjana. Fateh tells not like them because his heer is brave who left the venue in Inbetween to come after him. Then he takes Tejo’s hand and tells a Shayari. Fateh tells from that day Tejo is a Kita and he is the thread. Tejo completes his Shayari saying they both become one and there is no separation. Everyone claps their hand.

Jasmine calls Sweety and tells her that Fateh and Tejo spending a night together and she dont knows how to find where they both went. Then she tells Sweety that she knows Fateh is doing this on purpose to make her feel bad but she will make sure Fateh realizes her love for him then disconnects the call and gets shocked seeing Saurabh in her room.

The group of people ask there must be one villain in that story who tried to separate them right. Tejo becomes uncomfortable but Fateh tells them they do have a villain who tried snatching all their happiness and tells Chameli is the villain’s name.

Everyone laughs and asks what kind of name is this then one person asks where is Chameli now. Fateh tells that he dont care about Chameli because he has his beautiful wife by his side. Tejo smiles at him and drinks the juice in which alcohol is mixed then she asks for one more glass.

Saurabh enters Jasmine’s room and tells her that she decides to give her a Badam milk because she has seen her not having dinner properly also she knows she doesn’t sleep empty stomach then asks her why she is upset. She then tells us this because both Fateh and Tejo decide to spend some quality time together.

Jasmine gets angry and tells Saurabh that she is a determined person especially when it comes to getting something so nothing will stop her from getting back to Fateh because she truly loves him. Saurabh tells Jasmine that what Fateh and Tejo feel for each other is Love and that she has an obsession that to a fake one and tells her to come out of her stubbornness before it’s too late and leaves the room.

Tejo dances with everyone. Fateh asks Tejo to leave but Tejo says that they have to stay here for few more hours then makes Fateh also dance with her. They both happily dance together.

Jasmine wonders where must be both Fateh and Tejo has been gone. Tejo then hugs Fateh who hugs her back and then thinks about the way Jasmine and Gippi hugged each other so he tightens his hold on her. Tejo slowly decides to look at Fateh who has been tightening his hold on her. Fateh puts his chin on top of Tejo’s head.

The episode ends.

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