Udaariyaan 24th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Udaariyaan 24th December 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Renuka asking Ekam to marry the girl of her choice. But Ekam refuses and requests her not to talk about this again. He leaves. Renuka curses Nehmat for spoiling Ekam’s life. Meanwhile, Nehmat is walking on the road aimlessly recalling her childhood and the recent happenings.

On the other hand, Rupy is on the way back home in scooty. He recalls Shamsher’s words. He stops the scooty. He falls on the road crying and apologizing to Tejo for spilling the truth. At the Sandhu’s, Satti is worried about Rupy and wonders where he has gone. Here, Rupy shouts looking at the sky, and asks why Jasmine has returned.

Udaariyaan 24th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Jasmine says to Shamsher that hereafter Advait can’t be in the number one position as he is Nehmat’s husband. Advait asks why, and what’s the connection between him and Nehmat’s past. Jasmine says that this matter will create a buzz if the media learn this. Advait asks who will tell them when no one knew about it till now. Jasmine says that she will tell the truth to the media.

Advait asks why and what’s her problem with him. Jasmine says that the problem is Naaz did the foolishness of loving Nikhil who doesn’t have power or money, so he will replace Advait who has power and money. Advait asks what she means. Jasmine says that Nikhil will compete in the upcoming MLA election instead of Advait.

She adds that she will fund him. Jasmine says to Advait that she’s feeling pity for him, but he is getting punished for being Nehmat’s husband. Advait says to Shamsher to make Jasmine understand that it’s not possible as Nikhil knows nothing about politics. Shamsher asks Jasmine why she thinks that he will listen to her. Jasmine reminds Shamsher that he committed murder upon her demand, so he can do this simple work. Advait asks what she will do if they refuse.

Jasmine threatens to stop funding them for the election and adds that Advait will lose in the election without her help. She orders Shamsher to execute her plan before she takes any action. Jasmine tears the newspaper in which Advait and Nehmat’s wedding photo is published and says that if they disobey her, Nehmat’s photo will be published with the bold headlines: politician Advait Kapoor’s wife Nehmat is a criminal’s daughter.

She adds that there could be protests against Advait after that. Jasmine says that there should be MLA Nikhil’s poster when she will visit this office again. Advait is furious at Nehmat and curses the moment he met her. He says that he will ruin Nehmat’s life and blames Shamsher for forcing him to marry Nehmat. Advait says that a political career has been his ambition since his childhood and says that Shamsher can’t wrong him by giving his place to Nikhil.

Shamsher says that he doesn’t want either to see Nikhil in his position, but they can’t win an election without Jasmine’s funding. Advait says that he doesn’t care about it. Nehmat is crying, sitting on the roadside. She lies down on the ground crying. Meanwhile, Advait returns home and angrily call out to Nehmat. Rama asks Advait what happened.

Advait tells her the truth about Nehmat’s real parents. Naaz thinks that Jasmine has dropped a bomb as she told, but she doesn’t know about it either. She thinks anyways this is an advantage for her. The aunt curses Rupy for hiding the truth and getting a criminal’s daughter married to Advait. At Sandhus’ house, Rupy tells the truth to his family and adds that Tejo took a promise from him to hide the truth as she knew that people would taunt her as they do now.

At Kapoor’s house, the aunt says that they all should be careful with Nehmat as she can harm them. Her husband scolds her. Naaz expresses her shocked reaction to hearing this and says that she doesn’t know about it. Advait says that Rupy hid it from everyone as he cared only about Nehmat. Advait is about to angrily leave. Shamsher arrives and says to everyone that this matter shouldn’t go outside of this house. Advait asks Shamsher not to stop him and ruin his life more.

Nehmat is aimlessly walking on the road without seeing the car passing near her. A car is coming towards Nehmat. Ekam shouts Nehmat and wakes up startled from his sleep. Renuka and Mallika come running to his room hearing his scream. Ekam says that Nehmat is in trouble and wants to go to her. But Renuka stops him.

At Kapoors’ house, Kapoors learn that Nehmat isn’t at home and her phone is in the house. Servants saw her leaving the house. Nikhil is going to find her along with his uncle. Shamsher asks Advait to find Nehmat and bring her home as she’s his wife. He adds that they will be finished if anything happens to her. Advait thinks that ACP wouldn’t let anything happen to Nehmat. He thinks that she must have gone to Ekam and thinks that he can rid of her using this.

Udaariyaan 24th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Mallika stops Ekam from going to Nehmat and says that her husband is there to save her if she’s in any problem. Rupy is about to go to find Nehmat along with Harman as she’s not answering the call. Just then Nikhil arrives there with his uncle.

Rupy is shocked to know that Nehmat isn’t at Kapoor’s house. However, Nikhil reassures Rupy that Advait is gone to find Nehmat. Advait is on the way to Ekam’s house as he thinks Nehmat must have gone to see Ekam. Here, Ekam is worried about Nehmat and decides to go to find her. Mallika tries to stop him.

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