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Udaariyaan 24th September 2021 Written Update: Fateh insulted

Udaariyaan 24th September 2021 Written Update
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Udaariyaan 24th September 2021 Written Update: Udaariyaan The serial never fails to impress the audience with interesting drama and twists, now in the upcoming drama the man asking Mrs. Virk to come on the stage. Nimmo says Tejo disappeared, maybe she left. Rupy says she cares for the family before herself. Tejo is locked. Khushbeer thinks where did Tejo go. Minister says Fateh, call your wife, I have to go. Fateh says just two mins. Tejo knocks on the door. Jasmin thinks it’s showtime of Mrs. Virk now. Dilraj asks someone to help him. Jasmin sees Khurana. Khurana recalls Fateh and her. He says Jasmin, everyone is calling you there, come. Jasmin says no.

He says don’t be shy, come. Everyone gets shocked. Khurana asks Fateh to take his wife, come. Minister asks Fateh to go and get her. Tejo finds a bat there. She breaks the glass and shouts. She sees Dilraj and says open the door fast. Dilraj asks the guy to get something. The guy tries to break the lock with a hockey stick. Fateh goes and holds Jasmin’s hand. The lady asks is Fateh’s wife, I met someone else at home that day. Khurana says she is Fateh’s wife. The door opens. Dilraj asks who locked you. Tejo says I don’t know, I have to go on stage right now. She rushes.

Udaariyaan 24th September 2021 Written Update

Udaariyaan 24th September 2021 Written Update

Minister says we need such couples, who walk together and encourage the youth. Everyone claps. Tejo and Dilraj come running. She comes on stage and says sorry, I…. She sees Jasmin. Jasmin thinks how did Tejo reach here. Minister asks who is she. Khushbeer says Fateh’s wife. Minister asks then who is she, what’s going on. Everyone worries. The lady says, two wives. The man says wife is one, another one is his Saali/sister-in-law, it’s rightly said Saali is half wife.

The lady asks why is Fateh not saying anything. Tejo cries. The man says MLA Khushbeer can’t take care of his kids, what will he care for the state. Tejo gets down the stage. She cries and runs away. Minister gives the cheque to Khushbeer and drops the shawl there. He leaves. Khushbeer gives the cheque to Fateh and leaves. The reporter asks the minister will you take action against Fateh.

Fateh drops the cheque and runs outside. Khushbeer asks the minister to listen. Minister says it’s the limit, your son is having an affair with his wife’s sister, if you can’t handle your family, then how will handle the state, you have to answer in the party meeting. He asks Khurana to explain Khushbeer. Khurana asks Fateh why did he introduce Jasmin as his wife if she is his Saali. Khushbeer looks at Fateh.

At home, Khushbeer sits upset. He recalls the minister’s words. Khushbeer asks Gurpreet not to show her face again. Fateh looks on. Biji asks why did Jasmin come there. Amrik asks who locked Tejo in the storeroom. Mahi says Jasmin did this. Khushbeer says I should have ousted Fateh and that cheap girl that day, this would have not happened. Fateh goes. Nimmo asks why did she send Tejo if she had to come.

Balbir says I think Khurana did this. She says Fateh introduced Jasmin as his wife, Fateh is wrong, what shall we blame others. Fateh sits crying. Mahi says Tejo was so worried, Jasmin won’t care. Jasmin talks to Sweety. She says the family is mourning, Tejo should have not come, anyways, I m very happily. Tejo says you can get happy. Jasmin ends the call. Tejo says I came to see how you celebrate big happiness. Jasmin says yes, Fateh and my relation came out, what can be better than this.

Tejo asks for Fateh and you, or just you. Jasmin asks don’t you have any work. Tejo says my work is to catch your lie, you locked me in the storeroom, you called Khurana’s uncle. Jasmin asks what nonsense. Tejo says I know everything. Jasmin says it’s a lie. Tejo says Khurana’s uncle’s name wasn’t on the guest list, you called him, if you had to do this, then why did you talk big things, why did you send me, go and tell Fateh, ask him to give you wife’s status. Jasmin says when you stop this drama, then he will give me wife’s status, why did you tear the divorce papers, why don’t you leave from our lives. Tejo says you are the reason for this, you crossed all the limits, you did this drama, right.

Jasmin says yes, I did, I can’t tolerate you in Fateh and my life, I want rights of Fateh’s wife, I can go to any extent, if you want me not to do this, then leave him for me. Tejo says I would have left him for any other girl, but not for you, you aren’t suitable for him if your love is true, then you would have married him, you had to go to Canada, you left him when he lost the job, you want me to leave him for you, what’s this love, you want to break his pride and insult his family, you call this love, you don’t love Fateh, you can’t love anyone, you just love yourself, you used to say you want to become like me, you can never become like me, you are the world’s most selfish girl.

Jasmin says yes, but Fateh loves me, you are nothing for Tejo. Tejo says I m his wife, and you are just a second woman. Jasmin looks at her. Tejo asks why are you shocked, this is the truth, Jasmin, you have no other identity or status than this, you got everything by lie and fraud, you see yourself in the mirror, you can’t see any sister, daughter, or any girl who loves Fateh, you will just see a second woman, who doesn’t get a place in the house or society. Jasmin cries and goes. Tejo cries.

Jasmin comes to her room and looks at the mirror. She breaks the mirror. Fateh comes and asks what happened. Jasmin says I m going from here. He asks where are you going. She says leave me. He says listen to me. She says I will not stay with you, what’s the use of this life, it was better than I had died that day, why shall I bear this insult, just because I love you, I got a new name, second woman, you are my first love, I don’t want to stay as your second woman. He holds her and says tell me, what is the matter. She says either marry me or take me to Canada.

Udaariyaan 24th September 2021 Written Update

He says shut up, why are you saying it. She says people are saying it. He says don’t think of people, I love you, did I tell anything to you, because I love you, you won’t go anywhere, don’t be mad. She says you are making me mad, so much happened, why don’t you give me wife’s status, which Tejo has now, she always insults me, I called Tejo there, what did Tejo do, she insulted me, I can’t stay like this. He says everything will get fine, give me some time, I promise it will happen as you want. He hugs her. He thinks about what to do. Gurpreet cries. Fateh comes. She says why do my children have sorrow in their fate, first Simran and now Fateh.

She sees Fateh and hugs him. He asks why does this happen to me, why don’t get any happiness, I know I did many mistakes, you think Jasmin isn’t right for me, but I love her, everyone is upset with me, but someone has to compromise and move on, I wanted to give divorce to Tejo, but she had torn the divorce papers, I know Tejo is much hurt, but we have to move on if I love Jasmin, then is that my mistake, I can’t hurt Tejo and Jasmin, I can’t live like this, Khushbeer got Tejo here as his daughter, this house will never get peace if Jasmin and Tejo stay here, Tejo came here for Biji’s sake, it’s not easy for her, just you can convince Khushbeer that Tejo doesn’t stay in this house. She nods. Udaariyaan 24th September 2021 Written Update.

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