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Udaariyaan 25th May 2021 Written Update Tejo advises Jasmine

Udaariyaan 17th May 2021 Written Update: Khushbeer decides to cancel the Puja.
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Udaariyaan 25th May 2021 Written Update Tejo advises Jasmine

Udaariyaan The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The episode starts with Jasmine asks Fateh is this true that he is going to participate in a boxing match if that’s true then why they are going to Canada. Fateh says to Jasmine that he cant hear her properly then looks at his phone sees the screen is black. Fateh says that he thought he need a new charger but now looks like he has to buy a new mobile. Jasmine looks at her phone and thinks Fateh’s phone must have some issues then she decides to go to Fateh’s doubt to clear her doubts. Fateh sees Amrik and asks him to give him the phone saying his phone is not working and he wants to talk to Jasmine because she is continuously calling him.

Nimmu snatches the phone from Fateh’s hand and takes him with her saying from tomorrow he can talk to Jasmine and no one will stop him. Tejo and all other’s enters their house. Dilraj jokes about Amrik Buzo and Mahi everyone laughs. Tejo sees Jasmine and asks her where is she going. Jasmine shows Fateh’s poster and says if he is going to participate in this boxing match then how its possible to go to Canada so she is going to asks Fateh directly. Tejo stops Jasmine saying no one is going anywhere and takes her to the room. Tejo then says to Jasmine may be Fateh filled this form a long time back and he forgets to cancel.

Jasmine asks how its possible. Tejo says to Jasmine there is so much happened in Father life and all of sudden their marriage also fixed then how could she think that Fateh must be hiding something from her. Tejo then asks Jasmine to not to take advantage of Fateh’s love for her. Tejo says to Jasmine that Fateh loves her so much so he wont hide anything from her. Jasmine then says to Tejo that she is right then says that she is scared whenever something like this happen and says to Tejo even Rupi tried so many times to go to Canada but he couldn’t that’s why she is reacting like this. Tejo says to Jasmine that she is upset for planning against her with Amrik Buzo and Mahi saying from now she is becoming a trustworthy person to the Veer’s family. Jasmine says to Tejo that they are her in laws then says that she knows Tejo is smart enough to find their plan. Tejo then asks Jasmine to sleep saying tomorrow is a big day.

Next day in Veer’s house everyone looks happy and prepared for the haldi function. Fateh asks Jasmine on the call why she called him so many times then says that his mobile isnt working and it’s his temporary mobile. Jasmine about to reply Fateh but Abhiraj takes the phone from Jasmine and asks Fateh to send haldi soon for Jasmine. Mahi asks Biji to explain about the rituals. Biji explains. In Sandhu’s house everyone prepares for the haldi function. They make Jasmine sit on her place. In Fateh’s house everyone applies haldi On Fateh then asks Amrik to give the haldi to Jasmine’s house. Amrik goes to Jasmine’s house and gives Jasmine a gift which is given by Fateh. Jasmine opens and finds anklet she wears it on her legs. Amrik video calls Fateh. Fateh and Jasmine looks at each other and smiles. Sandhu’s applies haldi On Jasmine. Sukhmini says to Jasmine from now to till her marriage she is not allowed to see Fateh’s face. Jasmine asks everyone even she isnt allowed to see his face on video call. Everyone laughs.

Satti then blesses Jasmine saying she prays god to give Jasmine a big house,car and everything in Canada. Sukhmini says to everyone finally Jasmine is the one who is going to fulfill everyone’s dreams and asks Jasmine to live her life happily as per her wish. Rupi gets worried seeing everyone is happy. Khushbeer sees Fateh’s mobile is ringing so he takes the mobile away from Fateh to answer the call without anyone noticing. Billa says to everyone that haldi isnt over yet. Everyone gets happy seeing Fateh’s uncle. Fateh’s uncle says some jokes then goes to Fateh and torn his cloth then pour water on him.

Fateh tries to run way. Everyone laughs. Tejo and Jasmine’s cousins forcefully applies haldi on Jasmine later they all chases each other to apply haldi. Sukhmini says to Rupi that she is noticing him since yesterday, he is worried about something so asks him to tell her what’s bothering him. Rupi says to Sukhmini that he is worried about Jasmine’s marriage nothing else.

Khushbeer takes Fateh inside the house saying that he want to talk to Fateh something important. Fateh later comes outside and says to Buzo and Amrik he gets a call from another company in Canada and his interview is after 3 days. Buzo and Amrik gets happy. Fateh’s uncle takes Fateh with him saying the ritual isnt over yet. Satti’s brother and his wife comes to Jasmine’s house and gives the bangles which Jasmine asked him to buy for her.

Jasmine and Tejo comes there and greets their uncle and aunt. Jasmine then asks her uncle where is her bangles. Jasmine’s uncle acts that he forget later says to Jasmine that he is just joking. Satti says to Jasmine that she is not supposed to see the bangles now. Gurpreet asks Khushbeer is everything okay. Khushbeer asks Gurpreet why she is asking him this. Gurpreet says to Khushbeer that she saw him taking Fateh inside to talk. Khushbeer says there is so much work is left so he talked to Fateh about that then leaves. Gurpreet prays god to protect her sons happiness.

Tejo makes Jasmine sit then asks her to close her eyes. Jasmine’s uncle tries to make Jasmine wear the bangles but it doesnt fit Jasmine. Jasmine open her eyes and tries to wear it but she also fails. Jasmine’s uncle says how its possible he bought the bangle with the bangle Navraj gives him. Jasmine’s aunt takes the bangle out of the bag. Jasmine looks at the bangle and says its belongs to Tejo. Everyone gets shocked. Satti asks Navraj why he changed the bangles.

Navraj says to Satti that he lost the bangle which she gave her so he decides to take another bangle from Jasmine’s room and by mistake he has taken Tejo’s bangle. Satti says it’s a bad omen. Tejo asks Satti to not to say like that. Jasmine recalls baba Ji’s words and says that she knows something bad is going to happen during her wedding that’s why all this is happening. Satti shouts at everyone and says nothing bad wont happen in Jasmine’s wedding and asks Jasmine’s uncle to buy a new bangle for her. Jasmine goes to her room crying.

Tejo goes to Jasmine and asks her not to cry. Jasmine takes the bangle box then gives the bangles to Tejo saying it’s her size. Tejo refuses to take the bangles saying this is for her. Tejo then says to Jasmine that their uncle is going to buy her a new bangles. Jasmine says in this village he cant find this designer type bangles. Jasmine then leaves the place to wash her face. Tejo says its Jasmine’s most important day and today she cried. Then says if anyone tries to snatch her Sister’s happiness from her or try to do something during Jasmine’s wedding she will be there to protect Jasmine from all the bad things.

The episode ends.

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