Udaariyaan 26th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Udaariyaan 26th December 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Ekam driving off to find Nehmat despite Mallika trying to stop him. Advait arrives after Ekam leaves. Mallika taunts Advait and says that she shouldn’t come here as she or Ekam don’t have any relationship with Nehmat. She angrily storms inside the house. Advait realizes that Nehmat isn’t there. He recalls Nikhil’s words and grows anxious that Nehmat doesn’t take any wrong decisions.

Meanwhile, Rupy, Harman, Nikhil, and Prince go to find Nehmat in different directions, while Satti and Lovely go to Gurudwara to see if she has gone there. Naaz is on a call with Shelly. Naaz says that she always felt jealous of Nehmat for having better luck than her and cursed God for that, but now she feels that her fate is better than Nehmat’s and feels pity for her.

Udaariyaan 26th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Shelly says that Naaz doesn’t need to feel bad for Nehmat and says that she’s fortunate that her mom is writing her fate. Naaz says that she didn’t know that Jasmine was so powerful. She says that Advait’s political career will end because of Nehmat. She is amazed that the Kapoors are scared of Jasmine. Rupy-Harman, Nikhil-Prince, and Advait are finding Nehmat. Satti and Lovely are praying in Gurudwara for Nehmat.

Shamsher phones Prince and asks him not to show Nehmat’s photo to anyone to find her, or else everyone will learn that their family’s daughter-in-law is missing. Shamsher then phones Advait to know if he has found Nehmat. The latter replies negatively. Naaz sheds crocodile tears and expresses her fake concern for Nehmat, but in her mind, she’s happy that Nehmat is missing. There, as Sandhu’s unable to find Nehmat, Rupy thinks of getting Ekam’s help.

Ekam arrives at Kapoor’s mansion. He stands in front of the gate and hesitates to enter inside. He says that he can feel that something is wrong with Nehmat despite their distance. He wonders how to find out what’s wrong. On the other hand, Advait is looking for Nehmat and he is furious and says not to spare Nehmat if he finds her. Here, Ekam receives Rupy’s call.

Rupy says to Ekam that Nehmat is missing. Just then, Ekam sees Advait returning home in his car. He hides. He comes out after Advait’s car goes inside the house. Ekam assures Rupy that he will find Nehmat. Rupy says to Ekam the reason for which Nehmat left the house, as he feels it’s important that Ekam should know this. Ekam drives off to find Nehmat. Rupy says that only Ekam can understand Nehmat’s pain, so he can guess where Nehmat could go.

Ekam sees police blocking the road and asks the officer what happened. The officer says that a girl met with an accident. It seems that she recently got married and left her in-laws. She died on the spot. Ekam recalls Rupy’s words and goes to check the girl’s body. Shelly’s husband phones Advait and says that they should file Nehmat’s missing case with the police.

Advait refuses as it will affect their reputation. Shamsher takes the phone from Advait and says that even Ekam shouldn’t know about Nehmat’s missing. He says that Nehmat left the house after two days after her wedding and blames Rupy for giving wrong advice to Nehmat. However, Shelly’s husband says to Rupy that they should get police help to find Nehmat. Rupy refuses and asks to wait till the morning. He hopes that Ekam will find Nehmat and prays to God for Nehmat.

Here, Ekam shivers to check the body to know if it’s Nehmat. He feels relieved that the girl who died in the accident isn’t Nehmat after seeing her face. He thanks God for that and hopes that Nehmat is fine. At Kapoor’s house, Shamsher scolds the men of the house for not being able to find Nehmat. Advait blames Shamsher’s wrong decision for the current situation. Shamsher says to Advait that his political career will end if Nehmat kills herself.

Udaariyaan 26th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Ekam searches for Nehmat in the places they usually meet. The sun rises. Ekam finally finds Nehmat sitting and crying on a bench in an isolated place. Ekam thinks that he could have lost Nehmat forever. Nehmat goes near Nehmat. He plays the video of Nehmat’s last moment with Fateh-Tejo before the accident and places it next to her.

Nehmat sees the video and bursts into tears, recalling her moments with them. She asks why Fateh-Tejo left her and cries, saying that no one considers her as their daughter now, she becomes lonely and no one is there with her. She cries, hugging her knees. Ekam calls out to Nehmat. Nehmat looks at Ekam. She runs to Ekam and hugs him tightly, crying hard. Ekam resists hugging Nehmat’s back.

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