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Udaariyaan 27th May 2021 Written Update Rupi stops Tejo

Udaariyaan 27th May 2021 Written Update: Rupi stops Tejo from revealing the truth to Jasmine.
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Udaariyaan 27th May 2021 Written Update Rupi stops Tejo

Udaariyaan The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The episode starts with Fateh thinks where are you Jasmine I want to tell you something important then leaves the place to search Jasmine again in her room. Tejo says to Rupi that he did a biggest mistake by not telling Fateh lost his job to Jasmine. Tejo says to Rupi that she is going to tell the truth to Jasmine. Rupi asks Tejo to not to say anything to Jasmine. Rupi says to Tejo that Khushbeer promised him that Fateh soon will find a new job and then take Jasmine to Canada and he trusts his words. Tejo says to Rupi that they can’t hide this and betray Jasmine like this. Jasmine in her room looks at a showpiece and says that she is the most luckiest person to get married to someone like Fateh who loves her so much also going to fulfill her dream about going to Canada. Fateh smiles at Jasmine. Rupi says to Tejo that Fateh loves Jasmine so much so he dont want to lose someone like Fateh who went against his families wishes, deciding to go to Canada and also decide to stop playing boxing which he loved the most for Jasmine.

Rupi then says to Tejo that Jasmine also loves Fateh so much. So after she gets married to Fateh she will understand the situation and act according to that. Tejo says to Rupi that for Jasmine nothing comes first before her Canada dream and says that she gave her heart to Fateh after she learnt that Fateh got a VISA to go to Canada so how come they expect that Jasmine will understand the situation.

Fateh calls Jasmine. Jasmine goes and hides behind the curtain. Fateh smiles and asks Jasmine what is she doing. Jasmine says to Fateh that her mother told her bride and groom cant see each others faces until they goes to the Mandap so that’s what she is following. Fateh smiles then puts his hand on the curtain and says that he is the most luckiest person in this world because he got Jasmine. Jasmine asks Fateh did he trust her this much. Fateh says to Jasmine more than himself he trust Jasmine. Jasmine smiles hearing Fateh’s words. Fateh then says to Jasmine that he wants to tell her something really important. Jasmine touches Fateh’s hand through the other side of the curtain then says to him that she wants to marry him soon.

Amrik Buzo and Mahi wonders where is Fateh. Then all three of them goes to find Fateh. Khushbeer sees them and thinks Fateh must have went to talk to Jasmine about his new job interview. Jasmine asks Fateh why he is here. Fateh says to Jasmine that he is here to talk to her something important. Tejo says to Rupi from hiding this from Jasmine he will not only betray Jasmine but also Khushbeer and Fateh. Tejo then decides to talk to Jasmine but Rupi stops her saying that he has already seen one of his daughters marriage is broken he dont have strength to witness the same to happen to his other daughter and cries.

Jasmine asks Fateh cant he wait until they get married. Fateh says to Jasmine that he wants to talk to his girlfriend not to his wife. Jasmine asks Fateh that means he will change after marriage. Fateh says to Jasmine that his love for her will never change but he will change. Jasmine kicks him and asks what does that mean. Fateh says that he will become her servant after marriage. Jasmine says to Fateh that he is her servant now also. Fateh tries to look at Jasmine’s face but she hides her face everytime. Tejo asks Rupi to understand that they cant betray everyone by putting them in a dark about Fateh’s job status.

Rupi takes Tejo’s hand and puts it on his head and says if she told anyone about this then she will see his dead body only. Tejo cries. Fateh and Jasmine sits opposite to each other. Jasmine asks Fateh to tell what he wants to say. Before Fateh says anything Satti comes there and takes Fateh with him saying if anyone sees then it will become a huge problem and asks him to talk to Jasmine as much as he want after wedding. Abhiraj and his brothers sees Fateh is wearing his foot wear and asks eachother where is Tejo. Amrik Buzo and Mahi comes there and calls them looser. Fateh then sees Tejo. Tejo goes inside the room.

Fateh goes behind Tejo and gives her his footwear. Tejo gets teary eyed. Fateh asks Tejo what’s wrong. Tejo says to Fateh that Jasmine but she sees Rupi there so she changes the topic and asks Fateh to take care of her sister Jasmine and adjust her childish behavior. Fateh gets confused and asks Tejo what’s wrong but Tejo leaves the room. Gurpreet asks Fateh to come to the Mandap because the rituals are going to start.

Tejo cries and prays to god to not anything bad to happen in this wedding. Tejo then gets a call from Jasmine. Hearing Jasmine’s urgency in the call Tejo gets worried and goes to the room. In the room Tejo sees Jasmine’s shawl get stuck, Tejo helps Jasmine and scolds her for scaring her like this. Tejo then advices Jasmine to not to act like a child after marriage also be there for Fateh in his everything.

Abhiraj comes there and asks Jasmine that everyone is waiting for her in the Mandap so take her with him. Fateh sees Jasmine is coming towards him. Jasmine sees Fateh and they both smiles at each other. Rupi says to Tejo that god will help them to which Tejo replies god will help those who don’t do such things like what Rupi did. Jasmine then starts dancing on her wedding. Fateh looks at Jasmine and thanks her for coming in his life. Jasmine looks at Fateh then thinks that she loves him so much and thanks him for fulfilling her dreams. Fateh then takes Jasmines hand.

Satti asks Tejo to give the flower garland to Jasmine and Fateh. Tejo takes the plate which has flower garland then stands nearby Fateh and Jasmine. Fateh and Jasmine holds flower garland. They both posed for pictures. Fateh says to Jasmine that he wants to tell her something important. Jasmine asks Fateh cant he wait. Fateh says no. Jasmine then asks him to say. Fateh says that he is going to atten the new job interview then they will go to Canada within a month. Jasmine gets shocked and asks Fateh why he is attending new interview when he already have a job. Fateh asks Jasmine to not to jokes saying that they cancelled the appointment.

Jasmine recalls her friends words about the boxing match also she recalls the baba’s words. Jasmine looks at Fateh. Fateh asks Jasmine to not to worry. Jasmine thinks about the time when she asked Fateh to tell her first it something like this related happened then he has to inform her first also she thinks Fateh’s promised her the same. Fateh then faces Jasmine and says I Love You then extend his hand to make Jasmine wear the flower garland. Jasmine takes a step back and says that this marriage won’t happen. Everyone gets shocked. Fateh looks at Jasmine. Jasmine cries and looks at Fateh.

The episode ends.

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