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Udaariyaan 29th May 2021 Written Episode Update

Udaariyaan 10th May 2021 Written Update: Jasmine and Khushbeer worries about Fateh staying alone
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Udaariyaan 29th May 2021 Written Episode Update

Udaariyaan The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The episode starts with Nimmu says to everyone that she knows very well that something is wrong with the Sandhu Sister’s otherwise why their first daughter Tejo’s marriage has been broken now Jasmine who broke this marriage for not able to going to Canada. Billa says to Khushbeer that this may impact his election results also. Sukhmini tells her family members that everyone will put blame on their kids only. Babu Ji takes Khushbeer and Rupi with him to find a solution to this problem. Gurpreet looks at the crying Fateh then gets sad. Jasmine remove her jewels and throw her shawl away. Sukhmini enters the room and asks Jasmine why she is doing this all. Jasmine says to Sukhmini that she is the one who made her dream about Canada and she is blaming her now.

Rupi apologises to Khushbeer for hiding the truth from Jasmine. Khushbeer says to Rupi his apologies wont make up the insult that he is going through now. Rupi says to Khushbeer that he dont want to lose someone like Fateh for his daughter so he decides to hide it later on planned to reveal to Jasmine. Babu Ji says to Rupi that he understands and says to Khushbeer as a girls father’s view whatever he did is right. Sukhmini asks Jasmine to understand and stop being stubborn. Sukhmini further says to Jasmine that she knows one day Fateh will take her to Canada. Jasmine says to Sukhmini until unless Fateh dont have appointment letter to his job also his visa and flight tickets this marriage wont happen. Jasmine then says to Sukhmini even both of her sons promised their wives the same but they failed to fulfill it. Sukhmini says to Jasmine both the times are totally different and asks her to agree to this marriage atleast for the sake of her family. Rupi says that they let Jasmine dream about her life because it that Only now they are going through this all. Khushbeer says to Rupi that his son’s heart is broked by his daughter and they have to go through the insults.

Rupi cries and says that already one of his daughters wedding has been stopped now once again he is in the same spot but dont know what to do. Babu Ji says to save both the families reputation he has an idea. Fateh asks where is Babu Ji and Khushbeer then says that being here is suffocating him the most so asks Mahi to bring Babu Ji and Khushbeer so that they can leave. Sukhmini says to Jasmine that first time she is crying seeing her upbringing and says that she must be the reason behind her dream but she failed to teach her about the value of love then leaves the room.

Abhiraj and Harman comes and apologises to Gurpreet for whatever happened with them. Billa makes some crude remarks against Jasmine. Satti comes there and warns everyone to not to say anything against her daughter then says that Fateh is the one who hide this from Jasmine and he is the one who taken advantage of Jasmine’s innocent and now they are going to face so many humiliations because they are from brides side. Gurpreet gets angry and says to Satti even in their house they have girls who wont do such acts which Jasmine does to insult the family. Abhiraj says to Gurpreet that they know about their Elder daughter Simran what she did to their family. Amrik gets angry then both Amrik and Abhiraj gets into a fight. Khushbeer comes there and stops their fight then says that they have find a solution through this they can save both the family’s respect and reputation. Khushbeer takes his family members with him and Rupi takes his family members with him.

Everyone wonders what they are actually talking. Mahi says maybe they are planning to make Jasmine agree to this marriage. Fateh says that Jasmine wont agree to anyone. Tejo also says to her cousins the same. Fateh says to his friend and siblings being here makes him suffocate so he is leaving this place. Fateh and Tejo both looks at each other then recalls their conversations. Gurpreet comes there and sees Fateh is looking at Tejo she makes faces then asks Fateh to come with her saying Khushbeer askes him to bring him there. Harman comes and takes Tejo with him.

Fateh asks his family members why they are still waiting here and asks them that they had enough of everything so we can leave the place. Tejo asks everyone what’s happening. Sukhmini says to Tejo that no one can make Jasmine to change her decision. Tejo says but this time its Rupi’s fault. Harman says to Tejo this isnt the time to look back their last but to move forward. Tejo asks how.

Fateh says that everything is happened because of him only. Khushbeer says yes because if him only and now he is the one who is going to make everything right also. Khushbeer then asks Fateh to marry Tejo. Fateh gets shocked. Satti says to Tejo that she can only now save her families reputation. Tejo asks everyone that she isn’t understanding what they all are expecting from her. Rupi asks Tejo to marry Fateh. Tejo gets shocked.

Precap: Fateh and Tejo takes pheras. Jasmine comes there and says that Fateh is hers and holds Fateh’s hand. Fateh removes Jasmine’s hand from him and takes Tejo’s hands and leaves the place. Jasmine goes outside and sees their car is leaving.

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