Udaariyaan 3rd August 2022 Written Episode Update

Udaariyaan 3rd August 2022 Written Episode Update: The Episode starts with Jasmin saying Tejo and this family need this baby more than me. Nimmo asks did the NRI groom run away, and what happened. Jasmin asks her not to worry, there are many grooms in line. She asks Gurpreet am I m stone-hearted, won’t I help my sister who did a lot for me, I will not lose this chance, I know some people don’t believe me, but I don’t care, I decided to stay here from today, Amrik’s child will be born here with elders’ blessings and Maasi’s love. Gurpreet smiles and hugs her. Biji hugs Jasmin and blesses her.

Jasmin sees Fateh and recalls hearing Satti and Tejo talk about child adoption. Tejo says the family will not accept others’ blood. Satti says everyone will accept the baby and forget that he is not their blood, Fateh will never let you realize that you can never conceive. FB ends. Jasmin says Tejo… Tejo comes and hugs her. Jasmin says I also want to feel happy by doing something for others, I can at least try, but I have a condition. Fateh thinks now she came to the point.

Udaariyaan 3rd August 2022 Written Episode Update

Jasmin says Tejo has to take care of me and the baby. Tejo nods and hugs her. She hugs Fateh. He signs her. Jasmin smiles. He thinks to keep the family safe. Simran says that man has sent pics of us, come home fast. Buzo says I will just do my work and come, don’t open the door and windows, don’t let Candy go out. Satti says Jasmin said she will stay in her Sasural, I don’t understand. Rupy says I don’t find her intentions right, it reminds me of the bad days, I don’t trust Jasmin.

Jasmin dances on the terrace. He says she will never change, she can’t live for others, she isn’t so great, she thinks of others for her own motive, we don’t know her motive, else she can never take a big move. Satti asks how can you think so? He says I know her, she has some plan on her mind. Jasmin says I will go mad happily, and everyone will dance as the baby wants. Fateh thinks to keep an eye on Jasmin. Tejo gets tea for him. He says ginger tea. They share the tea.

He says your smile is my real medicine. She says I know, my smile won’t go until you and Jasmin are with me, she has given happiness to everyone. He says I know you will love Amrik and Jasmin’s child but think of adoption once. Tejo says I will think, but I want to take care of Jasmin for some months, we will solve this problem, aren’t you getting late for the match, shall I drop you, I m going to Simran’s house, Candy left his toy here, I will meet Simran, she looked worried for Candy. He says wow, you are back, no problem can do anything when you are here.

Tejo comes to meet Simran. Simran shuts the door. She says I have punished Candy and asked him not to go out. Tejo asks are you hiding something. Simran says nothing, Buzo and I will solve the problem. Tejo says the entire family is with you, tell me. Simran says don’t worry. Tejo says I won’t leave you alone, come home with me, pack your bag, I will get Candy.

A man comes to Virk’s house. Tejo opens the door. He laughs and says beauty, top to bottom, how do you maintain yourself. She asks him to talk with manners, who is he? He says sorry, I got the flowers for someone else, but flowers will feel bad if I don’t give them to you. He holds her hand. She gets away and asks who are you? He enters the house. She stops him. He says the house was not good before, they got money, and it’s shining now. She asks him to leave.

Udaariyaan 3rd August 2022 Written Episode Update

He says it’s my house, my people, call Simran. She asks Simran. He says you will apologize for your behavior. She asks how is Simran related to you. Simran comes and asks what happened. The man gives her a flying kiss. Simran gets tensed. The man says Simmi, it’s me… didn’t you identify me, I used to talk on the phone with a voice changing app, I accept my fault. Simran says Amanpreet. The man says you remember my name. Tejo asks him to stay away. The man says Simran has also become up to date. Tejo scolds him. He shuts his ears and laughs. Fateh comes and asks what happened. The man says oh, he is also here, Fateh….

Bau ji and Biji come. The man says you didn’t remember me, I used to get knee pain oil for you, Biji, it was an excuse to meet Simran. Khushbeer and Gurpreet come. The man greets Gurpreet, touching her feet badly. She steps back. He says you have to bless me. Khushbeer gets angry. The man says you are under stress, I have a way to relax you, I will pick a card, see this, you stay happy. Mahi comes. He says you have grown up, why are you so slim, look at your sister, be like her, sweet. Fateh shouts at him. He asks why did you come here. The man/Aman says you have no manners to talk to a relative, you married a lovely girl. Tejo asks who is he. The man says Amanpreet Singh Bajwa, Candy’s dad. Tejo is shocked.

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