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Udaariyaan 3rd June 2021 Written Update Tejo blames Fateh

Udaariyaan 3rd June 2021 Written Update: Tejo blames Fateh and Jasmine for ruining her life.
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Udaariyaan 3rd June 2021 Written Update Tejo blames Fateh

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The episode starts with Fateh enters the room and sees all the decorations then recalls Amrik words about these preparations then Fateh recalls Jasmine’s words and gets angry. Fateh destroys all the decorations then sits on the floor and cries loudly. Biji asks Gurpreet to start the ritual. Nimmu mocks Tejo and calls her an exchange offer then says that Tejo’s family may be insulted them then they wont do the same with her because they have class and they know how to treat others. Biji asks Tejo to do the Grahpravesh ritual. Tejo enters the house then recalls Rupi’s promise to not to reveal Jasmine about Fateh’s job status then Jasmine’s stubbornness.

Amrik and Buzo takes Fateh and Jasmine’s cut out from the hall. Gurpreet cries and leaves the place. Everyone goes behind her except Mahi and Biji. Biji asks Tejo to relax in her room and asks Mahi to take Tejo to her room. Parmeet asks Gurpreet to try to not to stress and accept this. Nimmu calls Jasmine a shameless person then sess Tejo is there so says that Jasmine does those things so she is calling her sister with that name. Gurpreet blames Jasmine and says that Fateh is not fully recovered now Jasmine also hurt him so she asks Mahi to give Fateh his medicine.

Rupi tells that Tejo is the one who saved his Respect by ruining her life. Rupi then asks Jasmine why she is this much stubborn why she is not ready to believe her father for once. Jasmine doesnt utter a single word. Rupi says that he knows Fateh will definitely fulfill her dreams then why she did this and ruined all three of their lives. Harman says to Jasmine that Tejo always been there for her family maybe that’s the reason why she got this punishment. Rupi shouts at Jasmine. Satti gets angry.

Lovely also accuses Jasmine for not understanding anything. Satti says to everyone that Jasmine is wrong but Rupi is also wrong infact what Rupi did is a sin. Satti says to Rupi that because of him only today both their daughters life become like this. Rupi blames Satti for her upbringing. Sukhmini asks Satti and Rupi to stop blaming and asks Jasmine to think what she is going to do next in her life. Rupi raises his hand on Jasmine but she leaves the room. Abhiraj stops Rupi. Sukhmini says even Jasmine is sad upset because she lost the love of her life because of her stubbornness and asks Rupii to give Jasmine some time.

Tejo brings medicine to Fateh then sees the condition of the room and him. Tejo calls Fateh’s name. Tejo asks Fateh to have his medicine. Fateh throws the glass and walks on its pieces. Fateh asks Tejo why her family didn’t stop Jasmine why they didnt make Jasmine understand. Fateh then holds Tejo’s arms and asks why she didn’t make Jasmine understand his love for her. Tejo asks Fateh to shut up then says even she knows to scream then warns Fateh to not to blame her for both his and Jasmine’s mistake. Tejo tells Fateh that both him and Jasmine loved each other but she is the one who suffering the most.

Tejo says that this place is belongs to Jasmine now everyone hates her for Jasmine’s mistake and she must be the most happiest person to marry the one who didn’t love her but her sister right. Tejo says to her this marriage is nothing but a life time punishment for her. Nimmu comes there and makes fun of Fateh then asks both Fateh and Tejo to come downstairs for the next ritual. Tejo puts the tablet on Fateh’s hand and says that it’s his wish to take this or not. Tejo then says to Fateh that they both married each other for their family and his family is waiting for them downstairs then leaves the room. Tejo cries standing outside the room. Fateh throws the pill then sits on his bed. Jasmine cries in her room.

Precap: Tejo tells her father that she and Fateh will come to the house as a part of ritual. Fateh hears it. Nimmu says that for this ritual both husband and wife has to go. Fateh goes inside the washroom and splashes water. Fateh says that he is going to the Sandhu’s for the ritual. Satti takes aarti of Fateh and Tejo. Fateh walks around the house. Fateh comes to some dark room and sees Jasmine there. Jasmine looks at Fateh and then cries.

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