Udaariyaan 3rd November 2022 Written Episode Update: Naaz instigates Mallika


Udaariyaan 3rd November 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Ekam saying to Mallika not to get any tension. He then says to Advait’s mom that it’s a mistake and Advait’s churni will be worn by Mallika only and he will get his name’s churni for Nehmat.

Ekam puts the churni over Mallika’s head. Mallika and Advait pose for photos. Naaz whispers to Mallika to keep Nehmat away from her else she will snatch Advait from her like she snatched her other marriage proposal from her. Mallika thinks about Renuka and Baba’s words and grows anxious.

Udaariyaan 3rd November 2022 Written Episode Update

Udaariyaan 3rd November 2022 Written Episode Update

Advait asks Nikhil if he knows about Naaz very well. Nikhil asks why. Just then, their mom comes there and says that she wants to make sure about Naaz’s background before making her daughter-in-law. However, Nikhil is adamant about marrying Naaz. He refuses to listen to his mom and Advait’s words. He angrily leaves from there.

Nehmat finds Naaz crying and asks what happened. Naaz angrily says to Nehmat that she and Mallika don’t want her to marry Nikhil. Meanwhile, Mallika recalls Naaz’s words. She breaks things and cries hard. Ekam asks Mallika what happened. He says that he will call Nehmat since only she can convince her. Mallika says that Nehmat is responsible for her tears.

Here Nehmat swears that she doesn’t know what she’s talking about and asks what happened. Naaz asks Nehmat to call Mallika and ask why she instigated Nikhil’s mom against her. There, Mallika says that she’s scared that Nehmat will snatch Advait from her. She tells about Renuka’s words and Baba’s words that she won’t get her love as someone close to her will interfere in her love. Ekam says that Nehmat isn’t at fault.

Here, Nehmat is shocked to learn that Mallika spoke against Naaz to Nikhil’s mom. Nehmat tries to calm down Naaz. She says that she will talk to Mallika and she will not let anyone speak against her. Naaz accuses Mallika of breaking her relationship with Nikhil. She says that, hereafter, Nikhil’s mom won’t come to their house to talk about her and Nikhil’s wedding. Nehmat says that she will talk to Nikhil’s mom.

Naaz asks why Nikhil’s mom would listen to Nehmat instead of Mallika, who is going to be her daughter-in-law. Naaz asks Nehmat to choose between herself and Mallika. There, Mallika urges Ekam to say to Nehmat not to meet Advait, despite Ekam defending Nehmat. Ekam asks Mallika to tell Nemmat this. But Mallika refuses and asks him to tell this Nehmat.

Nehmat and Ekam meet. They fight to defend their respective sisters, Mallika and Nehmat. They realize that they’re fighting for no reason. Ekam suggests talking to Mallika and Naaz and making them understand. Ekam says that he bought a message from Mallika. Nehmat is surprised that Mallika doesn’t want to say this directly to her. Ekam says that Mallika doesn’t want Nehmat to meet Advait.

Nehmat recalls Mallika’s words about Advait and understands Mallika. She decides not to meet Advait, not even for professional reasons. Nehmat says that they should reconcile Nehmat and Naaz as they are both going to stay under the same roof. Ekam agrees and hugs Nehmat. The latter is worried, remembering Naaz asking her to choose between Naaz and Mallika.

Nikhil fights with his mom and Advait about Mallika instigating her against Naaz. They ask how they know this. Nikhil says that Naaz told him after giving her his swear. She overheard Mallika and is in a bad condition after crying a lot. He says that Mallika didn’t like Naaz in her childhood, so she instigated her against Naaz. Nikhil urges his mom to talk to Naaz’s family about their alliance. She agrees. Nikhil becomes happy. Naaz is overjoyed to learn this.

Nehmat thinks that Ekam convinced Mallika and she would have talked to Advait, so his mother agreed to Naaz and Nikhil’s alliance. Meanwhile, Mallika expresses her hatred for Naaz in front of Ekam. The latter advises Mallika to focus on her love for Advait instead of her hatred for Naaz.

Udaariyaan 3rd November 2022 Written Episode Update

Malika receives the engagement photos on her phone. She sees herself and Nehmat’s photos and finds them nice. Ekam is surprised that Mallika is angry with Nehmat, then the next moment her anger towards Nehmat vanishes. Mallika says that their friendship is special. Ekam hopes that everything gets fine between Mallika and Nehmat.

Nehmat’s boss gives her a file and asks her to investigate it to publish an article. Nehmat is shocked to learn that it’s about Jayveer and Ekam. Nehmat is scared of Ekam and Jayveer’s reputations being ruined if this article gets published.