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Udaariyaan 5th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Jasmin loses her baby

Udaariyaan 11th August 2022 Written Episode Update
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Udaariyaan 5th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Jasmin loses her baby

Udaariyaan 5th August 2022 Written Update

The Episode starts with Jasmin crying. Gurpreet asks did anyone say anything. Jasmin says no, my heart is upset. Gurpreet asks about the matter. Jasmin says Nikki’s brother died, her parents passed away earlier, and she is all alone now. Gurpreet says you want to go there, go, she will also feel good. Jasmin says I thought to go, but I felt you will feel bad. Gurpreet says no. Jasmin says Simran’s… Gurpreet says don’t worry, I can come along. Jasmin says no, you be with Simran. Gurpreet says take care of yourself and baby. Jasmin says I will take care.

Fateh comes to help Tejo. She says I have taught you cooking also in these nine months. Fateh recalls. He says you don’t want to know what I did. She says I can guess, what all did you feed me. He says you can guess. They laugh. She kneads the flour. He cuts the veggies. Assi Mann….plays…. He moves her hair off her face.

Her eye gets hurt. He says sorry. He sprinkles some water and takes care of her eye. He asks her to do the cooking. She asks him to stay. She wipes the flour off his face. He says no chili now, just cucumber. She thinks Fateh really changed a lot. He asks for whom are you cooking this. She says green veggies for Jasmin, she should eat something healthy. Jasmin likes a dress and thinks of wearing it. She throws the dressing packet out of the window. She says I can’t wear this and go out, boring Fateh and Tejo handle boring Simran’s drama, I m going to a party.

Jasmin comes to the pub. She meets Nikki. Nikki says you didn’t change, you are all glowing and glossy. Jasmin asks who will snatch my glow. Jasmin meets her friends. Tejo asks Gurpreet to have food. Gurpreet says I don’t want to eat. Fateh asks her to eat some food. He says I have also cooked the food today. Biji asks what did you make. Fateh says this salad. Mahi asks where is Jasmin. Tejo says I will go and call her. Gurpreet says Jasmin went to meet her friend, whose brother died.

Tejo asks which friend. Gurpreet says I don’t know. Fateh thinks I know Jasmin can many excuses to go out. Jasmin eats noodles. Her friend stops her and asks her to take care of the baby. Jasmin says let me eat something spicy, don’t say anything. Tejo thinks I hope she took her medicines along. Jasmin drinks. Her friend says you are pregnant. Jasmin says I know, it’s okay. Her friend says you are feeling high heels, don’t dance, please. Jasmin says I have come here to enjoy and party, you also come. Tejo calls Jasmin. Jasmin’s phone is kept away.

Jasmin dances with her friends. Tejo says once Aman’s matter gets solved, we all plan a family outing, Jasmin will also like it. Fateh nods. Jasmin continues to dance. Tejo stays worried. Fateh looks on. She says I m tensed, and Jasmin isn’t answering. He asks her not to worry, she will come. He thinks don’t know where she is chilling with her friends. Jasmin drops a drink on some girl by mistake. She says sorry. The girl throws the drink at her and says sorry. Jasmin goes to her. They fight. Jasmin pushes her and goes downstairs. She slips and falls down. She screams in pain. She calls out Dimple. Dimple takes her outside. She says you need me right now, I will call Fateh and Tejo. Jasmin says no. Dimple says we will go to the hospital, come.

At the hospital, Jasmin asks when will the doctor come. Dimple says wait for some time. Jasmin thinks nothing should happen to this baby. She asks for her reports. She recalls Fateh, Tejo, and Gurpreet’s words. She says no, the baby is fine, what am I thinking? She calls Tejo. Tejo asks why didn’t come. Jasmin says I m okay, don’t worry, I have to stay with my friend, I will come in the morning. Tejo says okay, sleep on time. Jasmin ends the call. Gurpreet asks what she says. Tejo says she is staying at her friend’s house. Doctor comes. Jasmin asks what came in my reports, I m feeling tensed. The doctor says sorry, due to heavy internal bleeding, you had a miscarriage, and you are no more pregnant. Jasmin and Dimple get shocked. Jasmin catches the doctor’s collar and asks what are you saying, my baby was everything to me.

The doctor says calm down, sit here. Jasmin says there would be some solution. The doctor says sorry, I can’t do anything. She goes. Dimple asks Jasmin to calm down. Jasmin says my baby….. getaway, I just had my baby, what will I do now, how will I go home, everyone was loving me because of the baby, what will I answer them? Dimple says calm down, I will call Tejo. Jasmin says I will kill you, go from here.

It’s morning, Tejo says we need your help. Rupy says you didn’t tell me before, tell Simran not to worry, I will see this matter, Aman won’t do anything. She says I will tell you once Fateh gets an update from the police station. Fateh says Simran and Buzo didn’t sleep all night, they sat by Candy’s side, I m going to the police station. The police come home. Fateh says we filed an FIR against that criminal Amanpreet. Aman comes and says he is the criminal, not me. Everyone sees the wounds on his face.

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