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Udaariyaan 6th July 2021 Written Update Jasmine makes Tejo fool

Udaariyaan 6th July 2021 Written Update Jasmine makes Tejo fool

Udaariyaan The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.Udaariyaan 6th July 2021 Written Update.

The episode starts with even after Gippi asks Jasmine to slow down she doesn’t listen and end up hitting Fateh and Tejo’s bike. Gippi scolds Jasmine and goes out to look for Fateh and Tejo’s condition. Fateh and Tejo gets hurt. Gippi makes Tejo get up from the ground and asks her is she. Jasmine tries to help Fateh but he stops her from doing it. Jasmine tries to explain Fateh and asks him to forgive her but Fateh stops her from talking to him. Jasmine then goes to Tejo and asks her is she okay and tells that she was trying to learn how to drive car and by mistake she pressed accelerator instead of brake. Tejo asks is that true. Jasmine asks Tejo is she truly think that she is that bad.

Tejo tells Jasmine that she wants to talk to her Jasmine asks her to say but Fayeh interrupts them saying that Jasmine’s drama will continue forever so asks Tejo to get back in his bike they are getting late. Tejo leaves the place with Fateh. Jasmine looks at them. Tejo goes to her house where she asks Satto where is Jasmine to which Satti says that she went out with Gippi to a party and asks Tejo is Jasmine did something. Tejo tells no and says she was just asking then thinks to herself that the things between Jasmine and Gippi is actually working in a right way so she is thankful. Sukhmini asks Tejo how is she doing and Fateh also about their relationship. Tejo asks her to tell her how their relationship is by looking at her.

Sukhmini tells that they both are getting closer to each other. Tejo laughs and says that whatever Sukhmini told is not right. Jasmine calls Dilraj and asks him to inform her when Tejo leaves the house or else she wont let Satti give him parotta. Rupi comes and asks Tejo how is she doing. Tejo tells she is fine and asks him how is he. Satti tells Tejo about Rupi’s worries about her life. Tejo then asks Satti to make her her favorite dish so she goes inside.

Rupi asks Tejo to tell him how is everything between her and Fateh also is Fateh ready to accept her in his life as a wife. Tejo tells that she is not sure whether Fateh accepted her as his wife yet but she is sure he learns to give her importance as a wife in his life. Rupi then asks Tejo is Jasmine bothering them. Tejo says no she also says that Fateh is moving on he not even talks about Jasmine anymore. Rupi gets happy. In Veers house everyone sits in the dinner table. Fateh goes there and gets Happy seeing his favorite dish. Nimmu asks Fateh where is his wife to which Fateh says that she is on her way. Gurpreet also joins with Nimmu and makes remarks at Tejo so Fateh stops them saying Tejo will be here in few minutes.

In a bar Jasmine stops her friend saying that he has to wait till Gippi comes then she gets a call from Dilraj and learns Tejo left their house so she asks her friend to leave the place saying that If Gippi sees him he will get jealous. Then she sprinkles few drops of alchohol also drink a little amount. Tejo asks the driver to hurry up saying that she is getting late for her dinner. She then gets a call from Jasmine who acts like blabbering in a drunken state also tells her in which location she is in so Tejo decides to meet Jasmine. Jasmine then acts like falling on Tejo’s car. Tejo gets worried and goes to Jasmine and asks her where is Gippi and why she is drunk. Jasmine tells that Gippi left her saying that unless he dont satisfied with the fact that there is nothing between her and Fateh he dont want to get involved with her and cries.

Tejo asks Jasmine but in the morning Gippi act in a normal way too. Jasmine tells Gippi may look sweet in the outer side but he is not how he looks then tells Tejo that now also everyone will blame her for breaking the marriage. Nimmu questions Fateh why Tejo is not here yet so Fateh calls Tejo. Tejo takes Jasmine to the restaurant and asks her to wait then goes to bring her a black coffee. Jasmine opens her eyes and says now she will see how Tejo is not going to fall for her games then closes her eyes. Tejo sees her mobile is ringing so she answers the call and says to Fateh that she is with a friend who needs her now also apologises to him for not taking part in the dinner. Fateh hears the waiter’s voice who tells here is a black coffee but Tejo disconnects the call.

Khushbeer asks Amrik to go to the academy but Amrik refuses and says Tejo is there so he wont go. Fateh asks Amrik why he is having so much problem with Tejo what she even did to him. Amrik tells that she may not anything directly but who is she to interfere in their family matters also in their business. Amrik tells just because of her only Fateh is also being rude with him. Khushbeer warns Amrik to stop his nonsense then orders him to go to academy. Gurpreet tries to serve the food to Fateh but he stops her saying that his stomach is full already by looking at Amrik..

Jasmine tells Tejo that she dont want to go the house because everyone hates her also she and Fateh is also not forgiving her so the family members thinks that she deserves hate only. Tejo gets worried and hugs Jasmine who smirks without Tejo noticing her. Later Tejo drops Jasmine in the house and decides to take her inside but Jasmine stops Tejo sayimg that she already bothered her so much and if the family members sees her then they will think even worse about her also Fateh’s Fateh’s family must be worried about her too. Then she asks Tejo to forgive her if possible. Tejo asks Jasmine to take care of her and leaves the place. Jasmine goes inside the house after looking presentable. Satti asks Jasmine how is her party with Jasmine. Jasmine tells that she enjoyed a lot and now she is going to take some rest. Her aunt asks if that’s true then why Gippi’s mother told her that he is with his friends.

Jasmine asks her aunt just because she made her meet Gippi doesnt mean she can ask her like this. Satti warns Jasmine to behave and supports her aunt and asks her an answer. Jasmine tells that she dont know why Gippi told his mother that he is with his friends may be he dont want to tell his mother that he is Spending so much time with her. Her aunt asks Jasmine to call Gippi saying she wants to talk to him. Jasmine gets shocked and worries. Her aunt holds her hand and says now what happened why she is not calling Gippi. Jasmine gets angry.

Precap: Jasmine tells Tejo that Gippi Gippi agreed to take her back in his life under one condition that is he wants that she and Fateh to sit together and talk it out. In the house Tejo Tejo slips and falls inside the washroom. Fateh takes Tejo in his arms and puts her in the bed. Fateh then makes a hold in her bathrobe to see the place where she gets hurt. Fateh touches Tejo’s back then both Fateh and Tejo looks at each other.Udaariyaan 6th July 2021 Written Update.

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