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Udaariyaan 7th June 2021 Written Update Tejo gets happy

Udaariyaan 3rd June 2021 Written Update: Tejo blames Fateh and Jasmine for ruining her life.
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Udaariyaan 7th June 2021 Written Update Tejo gets happy

Udaariyaan The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The episode starts with Jasmine puts all the things in fire which is given to her by Fateh also recalls Fateh’s promise to take her to Canada. Rupi, Lovely and Abhiraj tries to stop Jasmine then asks her what’s wrong with her. Jasmine tells from here after her chapter with Fateh is closed. Abhiraj asks Jasmine why she is being selfish and not even regretting or caring about her own sister who loves her the most. Gurpreet and Nimmu gives a jewelry box to Tejo saying tomorrow there is another ritual and ask her to wear a matching dress for the jewelry. Gurpreet also says Tejo to wear a new dress for Mata Rani pooja which is going to happen after ritual. Tejo tells Gurpreet she dont have new clothes. Gurpreet taunts Satti for not doing her part properly.

Nimmu looks at the new dresses and asks Gurpreet to give one dress to Tejo. Gurpreet recalls Jasmine’s words about Tejo’s choice of dresses then takes one saree and gives it to Tejo. Tejo refuses to buy the saree saying its belongs to Jasmine. Nimmu says now Fateh married her so she can use this. Tejo goes to the room and sees Fateh is in bed then goes to washroom. Fateh opens his eyes and recalls Tejo’s words about how she is alone in this house so puts pillow Inbetween the bed then turns away when he hears Tejo is coming out of the washroom. Tejo looks at the pillow and realises Fateh’s attempts to make her feel comfortable then she lies on the bed facing the other side.

Fateh dreams that Jasmine is waking him up and they both are sharing a romantic moment. Mahi comes and asks Fateh to come downstairs saying everyone is waiting for him. Nimmu says to Gurpreet that she is worried what’s going to happen. Khushbeer asks why Fateh is not there yet. Mahi says that Fateh will be here soon. Gurpreet goes to talk to Khushbeer but stops seeing Fateh is coming there. Fateh takes blessings from Khushbeer.

Khushbeer says to Fateh that he knows what he is going through but he has to do this all to respect his family members emotions. Fateh looks at Tejo wearing a saree which he gifted to Jasmine then gets furious. Fateh recalls how happy Jasmine was when he gave her the saree also how he helped her wear a saree. Buzo says to Amrik that Fateh looks furious. Amrik says to Buzo that Fateh has to go through this all but he is the one who who did this to himself.

Nimmu asks Gurpreet where she has to put the water vessel. Fateh takes it from Nimmu’s hand then throws at Tejo. Everyone gets shocked. Khushbeer shouts at Tejo. Tejo doesn’t say anything but looks at Fateh with tear filled eyes. Fateh asks Khushbeer why Tejo is doing this to him then says that he gifted the saree which Tejo now wearing is to Jasmine. Biji says to Fateh that Gurpreet is the one who gave Tejo the saree. Gurpreet tells Fateh that Tejo doesnt have any new dress so she gave Tejo this. Fateh asks Tejo to change the dress saying its belongs to Jasmine and she is the one who have the rights. Tejo leaves the place crying. Fateh tells Gurpreet that he agreed to this marriage only to save his family’s reputation so asks her to stop doing this rituals then says that he will never accept Tejo as his wife then leaves. Khushbeer tries to go behind Fateh but Babu Ji stops him saying give some time to Fateh.

Later Khushbeer goes to where Fateh is working out and asks him not to treat Tejo the way how he treated her earlier. Fateh says to Khushbeer that he didnt lost his love so he wont understand what he is going through. Khushbeer says to Fateh that he may be right but as a husband he knows what’s his responsibilities. Khushbeer then says to Fateh to even Tejo agreed to this marriage because of her family members and she is the one who saved him from answering to Unnecessary questions that may thrown at him by marrying him. Khushbeer says in Veer family they will not treat their wife the way Fateh treated Tejo and asks him to do what’s right. Tejo says how dare Fateh can humiliate her infront of everyone then cries recalling. Fateh comes to the room.

Tejo refuses to accept Fateh’s apology then tells him if she married to any other unknown guy she is sure that the guy wont treat her like the way Fateh treated her. Tejo then says to Fateh how much she is disappointed with him and asks him not to show his face to her anymore. Fateh tells Tejo that he truly is sorry for his behaviour towards her then says each and every thing reminds him of Jasmine, he couldn’t help but think about her all the time. Fateh then asks Tejo to forgive him for what he did to her if possible then leaves the room. Fateh recalls his moments with Jasmine then cries. Tejo also sits in her room and cries.

The episode ends.

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