Udaariyaan 8th November 2022 Written Episode Update


Udaariyaan 8th November 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Ekam asking Nehmat why she’s not looking into his eyes while talking. Nehmat says that she lied to him. She confesses that she broke her promise and met Advait. Ekam says that he knew it. He adds that Mallika got to know this. Nehmat is shocked. On the other hand, Advait phones Mallika. But the latter disconnects it, remembering seeing him with Nehmat at the café.

Advait thinks that Mallika is angry as he canceled the shopping plan and thinks that Mallika is immature. At the Sandhus’ mansion, Shelly and Naaz are talking about Mallika. Naaz says that she feels that Nehmat and Mallika’s friendship is going to break after Advait’s scarf has fallen over Nehmat’s head. Shelly says that in that case, Nehmat and Ekam’s relationship will also break.

Udaariyaan 8th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Udaariyaan 8th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Ekam asks Nehmat why she lied to him. Nehmat says that she met Advait about a highly confidential matter. Ekam says that Nehmat doesn’t need to justify to him, but Mallika isn’t understanding and crying. Nehmat says that Mallika is over-possessive about Advait. She wonders how to convince her.

Nehmat decides to meet Mallika immediately. Ekam stops Nehmat and asks if she remembers what day the next day is. Nehmat says that the next day is the day when they told each other… Ekam drags Nehmat close to him and asks what they said to each other. Nehmat says that she will tell him the next day. Ekam agrees and asks her to meet him at any cost the next day. He then says that he has an idea to convince Mallika.

Mallika hears some noise and goes to check. Nehmat is disguised as a man. Nehmat and Ekam dance around Mallika. The latter angrily shouts to stop it. She asks Ekam what Nehmat is doing there. Nehmat holds her ears and apologizes to Mallika. The latter says that Nehmat lied to her and said she had some work. Nehmat says that she met Advait for some official work. She’s a journalist and he is a politician. He is helping her with some work. Mallika what the work is about?

Nehmat says that she can’t tell her as it’s confidential. It’s an important assignment for her career. She asks how she can misunderstand her and Advait when she knows that she can’t see anyone else than Ekam. She says that Mallika’s happiness matters to her more, so she won’t let anyone snatch Advait from her.

Mallika says that she gets worried, remembering the astrologer’s words and Advait’s scarf also falling over Nehmat’s head. Nehmat says that they shouldn’t believe all this. Ekam, Nehmat, and Mallika share a group hug. Nehmat prays to God to stop the article from being published.

Rama is selecting a saree for Naaz. Nikhil makes a video call to Naaz and shows it to her. Naaz greets Rama. Just then, Nikhil’s Bua comes there. Nikhil is happy to see her and enquires when she has come. Bua says to Rama that Nikhil is madly in love with Naaz and she would make him dance to her tune after the wedding. Rama says nothing like that. Just then, Advait arrives. Bua meets Advait and has a talk with him. She asks him to video call her fiancee too, like Nikhil. Advait asks Bua to meet her directly at the wedding.

Rama introduces Bua to Naaz. Bua asks Naaz to select the sarees. Naaz asks them to select. Bua asks her to do it. Naaz selects a few sarees. After disconnecting the call, Shelly appreciates Naaz for choosing costly sarees. Naaz says that she will fulfill all her wishes using Nikhil as he is Kapoor’s family’s most loved son, so they will get him whatever he wants.

Meanwhile, Nikhil takes Advait’s credit card by saying that his card limit is over. Bua sags Nikhil to become financially independent as he is getting married and his wife may not like him being dependent on Advait for everything. Nikhil says that Naaz loves him and she doesn’t care about him. Bua says that she can not understand either Nikhil or his would-be-wife.

Advait phones Nehmat and says that her owner is in Shimla for some therapy sessions and he can’t contact him due to poor network. So, they have to go to Shimla to meet him and explain to him to stop the article from being published. Nehmat remembers that she has to meet Ekam the next day.

She asks Advait if they will return by evening, to which Advait says yes. Nehmat agrees to go. Advait confirms that Nehmat didn’t say anything to Ekam. Nehmat thanks Advait. After disconnecting the call, Advait says that he is helping Nehmat only to save his dad and his political career.

Naaz shows her wedding dress that Rama sent for her to Nehmat. She finds Nehmat stressed and asks if everything is fine. Nehmat says that she’s working on some critical assignments and promises Naaz to give her full focus on the wedding after completing it.

Naaz asks to get someone’s help with the assignment. Nehmat says that she’s getting a friend’s help. Naaz asks Nehmat to accompany her next for jewelry shopping with Rama the next day. Nehmat says that she can’t as she has to go out of Moha. Naaz doubts whether Nehmat is going out of Moha with Advait.

Advait and Nehmat are on the way to Shimla. Nehmat asks Advait if he talked to Mallika. Advait said that he called, but she disconnected it. Nehmat says that Mallika saw them in the coffee shop and is angry. Advait says that Mallika’s family won’t be humiliated if the article isn’t published.

Nehmat feels happy that Advait cares for Mallika’s family. Advait thinks that he only cares about his dad. Nehmat wishes that the article published should get canceled anyhow. Nehmat thinks of telling Ekam and Naaz about her and Advait’s going to Shimla after returning. Nikhil and Naaz are doing shopping. Nikhil assures Naaz that she will be more loved than Mallika as Advait and Rama loves him so much.

Jasmine phones someone in Sandhus’ house and says that Naaz longed for even small things when she was a kid as she couldn’t fulfill her wishes. She says that now Naaz’s desires should be fulfilled and asks to get the best clothes and jewelry for Naaz. Jasmine talks to Naaz’s photo.

Udaariyaan 8th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Jasmine says that circumstances forced her to abandon Naaz. She says that she has married a person by coming here. She says the person who married her accepted her but wanted to keep her past away, so she can’t bring Naaz there. She receives Nehmat and Ekam’s photos.

She says that there is a lot of pain in her past. Tejo snatched everything from her, but she wouldn’t let Nehmat do the same with Naaz. Because of that, she will never let anyone know that she and Shamsher are responsible for Tejo and Fateh’s death. She recalls Fateh and Tejo’s accident.