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Udaariyaan 9th July 2021 Written Update: Fateh learns about Jasmine

Udaariyaan 9th July 2021 Written Update: Fateh learns about Jasmine

Udaariyaan Upcoming Story, The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.Udaariyaan 9th July 2021 Written Update….

The episode starts with Tejo hugs Fateh after he tells his decision to meet Gippi. Then they both gets surprised. Tejo decides to leave the place but Fateh stops her asking where is she going to which Tejo tells that she is going to inform Jasmine so that she can arrange a meeting for him and Gippi. Fateh tells that’s not necessary saying he will find Gippi’s number and talk to him. Tejo gets happy. In college Sweety tells Jasmine that both Fateh and Tejoo looks good together which makes Jasmine angry so she tells her that Fateh is just acting he still loves her Only then she sess Tejo’s car so she asks Sweety do like what she instructed her then she goes to meet Tejo. Tejo asks Jasmine how is she doing.

Sweety comes there and invites her for a birthday party then tells that she must be busy with her fiancee so Jasmine acts like that she is upset and angry then she scolds her friend to not to say anything which she dont know. Tejo asks Jasmine why she is reacting like this. Jasmine tells that Gippi is not talking to her then asks her to call Satti and inform her everything saying if she tells atleast they will not blame her that much. Tejo tells there is no need of that saying Fateh is meeting Jasmine who gets shocked and asks what. Tejo feels weird seeing Jasmine’s reaction so asks her what happened this is what she wants right.

Jasmine acts that she is happy then she thinks before Gippi could tell anything that she has to stop him so she tells Tejo that she has to go to the class and leaves the place. Fateh and Gippi meets each other. Fateh asks Gippi what he wants to talk to him. Gippi tells that he dont want to talk to him anything. Then they both talks to each other. Jasmine goes to the restaurant and gets worried seeing Fateh and Gippi together. Gippi sees Jasmine then tells Fateh that he is a true gentleman for praising Jasmine then he gets a call from someone so he leaves the place. Jasmine gets worried.

Jasmine asks Fateh he told that he dont like her then why did he praised her. She then asks Fateh is that because he still loves her. Fateh tells Jasmine that she may fool Tejo but not him because he knows very well about her then says that he praisesd her because he wants her to get married to someone and leave his and Tejo’s life. Jasmine gets upset and angry and looks at Gippi.

Fateh goes to his academy, Tejo asks Fateh what happened. Fateh tells it’s a good news that both Gippi and Jasmine is going to get married then the FB shows where Jasmine tells infront of everyone that she wants to ask Gippi the most important person in her life something, usually its not girls who does this but she is different so she is doing this then she kneels infront of Gippi and asks him to marry her. Fateh recalls each and every moment that he shared with Jasmine then gets angry. Gippi says yes and hugs Jasmine. Jasmine looks at Fateh. Fateh smiles and goes to Gippi and congratulate him also forwards his hand to Jasmine to congratulate.

Jasmine tightens her hold on Fateh’s hand but he removes it and tells Gippi that lunch time is for his wife and leaves the place. Fateh then tells Tejo that he is perfectly alright then leaves the place. Tejo tells herself even she wants nothing but Fateh to he happy. Gippi tells Jasmine that they have to talk to their parents to fix the marriage date then tells that Fateh acted weirdly after she comes to the restaurant. Jasmine thinks that Fateh still having an effect of her then thinks he may act but he do love her.

Sukhmini asks everyone to get ready to go to the temple saying that her and Jasmine wishe is fulfilling. Jasmine tells Satti that they will go a little later after everyone leaves Jasmine tells that she wants Tejo to be here and prepare for her marriage because still she loves whatever Tejo loves and tells that she wants to make everything normal between before she leaves. Satti asks Jasmine but she told that Tejo forgived her. Jasmine tells that Tejo did forgived her but there must be still some things which will hurt her always so she wants to clear everything. Satti tells Jasmine that she will talk to Tejo. Jasmine thinks If Tejo stay here then she will get an opportunity to meet Fateh who will come to the house, all she wants to do is show him a path to to how reach her and smiles.

Precap: Sandhu’s happily dances with Eachother. Tejo gets a call from Fateh who tells her that he misses her a lot. Jasmine hears it and gets angry. Jasmine then tells someone on the call that Fateh still loves her Only.

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