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Udaariyaan 9th June 2021 Written Update Fateh recalls Tejo’s words

Udaariyaan 10th May 2021 Written Update: Jasmine and Khushbeer worries about Fateh staying alone
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Udaariyaan 9th June 2021 Written Update Fateh recalls Tejo’s words

Udaariyaan The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The episode starts with Fateh recalls Tejo’s words then wakes up. Fateh tries to go to washroom but Tejo asks Fateh to wait. Both Tejo and Fateh gets into an argument. Fateh says to Tejo that he thought she changed herself as a better person but he is wrong because she is still the same person who misunderstands everything. Tejo says to Fateh even she thought he changed himself but she is wrong. Fateh tells Tejo if she told her about Rupi failed to fulfill his promise then they should have convinced Jasmine. Tejo says to Fateh that she knows her sister Jasmine well for her her dream and her life is more important than anything.

Fateh says to Tejo that she didnt Love anyone so she dont have any idea how does it feels when one person heart breaks. Tejo says to Fateh that she may not be loved anyone but she knows well how does it feels when someone accuse her for someone else’s mistake. Fateh tells Tejo that she is the reason behind his heart break also the way his life has been ruined. Tejo says to Fateh that biggest mistake of her life is that she supported Fateh and Jasmine also let him get closer to Jasmine. Tejo says to Fateh that she had never seen someone who is as selfish as Fateh and Jasmine. Tejo then sits on her bed and cries saying is this why Rupi asked her to marry Fateh. Rupi calls Tejo and senses that Tejo is crying so asks her the reason first Tejo refuses to tell later Rupi asks Tejo to either come to their house or else he will come to the Veer house. Tejo agrees to go to her parent’s house.

Fateh do his practice then speeds up recalling Tejo’s words. Buzo comes there and asks Fateh is he practicing for the boxing match. Fateh asks Buzo to withdraw his name from the match. Amrik hears Fateh and Buzo’s conversation and asks him to not to insult Khushbeer once again by withdrawing his name from the boxing match. Fateh warns Amrik to not to talk nonsense. Amrik says to Fateh that it’s his mistake that he hide everything from Jasmine and married to Tejo so asks Fateh to accept his mistake. Fateh holds Amrik’s dress and asks him to he in his limits. Buzo asks both Fateh and Amrik to calm down. Amrik leaves the place. Buzo asks Fateh about Tejo’s whereabouts. Fateh tells he don’t know. Mahi taunts Fateh then says that Tejo went to her parent’s house.

Rupi asks Tejo how is she doing and whether Fateh and his family members treating her properly or not. Tejo recalls all the insults and tells that they all are treating her well. Rupi asks Tejo to tell her the truth saying that he knows well that his daughter is a brave one and if she is crying then there must be something happened to her. Tejo hugs Rupi then cries saying that nothing is good in Fateh’s house and how everyone blames her for everything. Satti comes there and asks Tejo is she going to talk to her father only and what about her mother. Later Sukhmini asks Tejo to Forget everything and move on. Tejo tells okay. Satti brings a new dresses for Tejo. Tejo then asks Satti where is Jasmine. Tejo’s family members praises her for being a bigger person and still loving Jasmine even after all this happened. Tejo tells her family members that he promised Gurpreet that she will be there before five thirty so she is leaving now.

Tejo and Jasmine meets each other in midway. Tejo tells Jasmine its good to see her moved on even she is going to move on and decides to go to college. Jasmine taunts Tejo. Tejo confusedly looks at Jasmine and asks her what is she trying to say. Jasmine asks Tejo why didnt she tell her about Fateh’s job status. Tejo thinks it must be Fateh who told Jasmine all this but Jasmine says to Tejo its Fateh who told her all this. Tejo says to Jasmine the time she got to know about all this it was too late also Rupi asked her to swear on himself. Jasmine tells Tejo that she knows her well more than anyone else still she decides to hide this from her.

Jasmine then accuses Tejo for pretending to be Fateh’s friend but secretly liked him. Jasmine then says that Tejo never got someone who loved her like Fateh loved Jasmine so she planned to marry Fateh so she Intentionally hide the truth from her. Tejo gets furious and tries to slap Jasmine but Jasmine stops Tejo. Tejo then shouts at Jasmine saying yes she deliberately did everything to ruin her life and dreams. Jasmine tells Tejo that from now for her Tejo is died so asks Tejo to not to show her face anymore. Tejo and Jasmine goes in a separate ways. Udaariyan plays in the back ground.

Tejo goes to the temple and cries recalling everyone’s accusation. Tejo asks God why she has to go through this all. Tejo then wipes her tears and says that she wont tolerate these all anymore. Gurpreet says that nowadays no one is showing proper interest to have food together. Mahi comes there and asks Gurpreet where is Tejo. Nimmu comes and instigates Gurpreet against Tejo saying that Tejo must be telling her family members that they are treating her badly. Mahi leaves the place.

Mahi tells Fateh that Tejo is not back to the house yet. Fateh says to Mahi that Tejo is not a kid either she is in her house or she must be went to her friends house then leaves. Mahi calls Abhiraj and asks him to give the phone to Tejo because she wants to talk to him. Abhiraj gets shocked and says to Mahi that Tejo left the house around five o clock. Mahi gets shocked then goes and tells Gurpreet. Gurpreet and Nimmu gets shocked. Abhiraj tells his family members that Tejo didn’t reached Fateh’s house yet. Everyone gets shocked.

The episode ends.

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