WhatsApp Upcoming Features: WhatsApp will launch these great features soon, the way of sending messages will change

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WhatsApp: Instant messaging app WhatsApp is working on not one but two new features for the convenience of its users. One of them is the Edit Button and the other is the caption feature. Talking about the Edit Button, with the help of this feature, users will be able to edit the sent message. With this, they will also know that there is no mistake in the message. Whereas when the caption feature is activated, users will get the facility to add captions to the document.

According to WaBetaInfo, the edit button has been seen on WhatsApp beta version. When this feature goes live, users will see a tag on the screen, from which information will be given whether the message has been edited or not. At the same time, through the caption feature, users will be able to add images, videos and GIFs as captions with the document. At present, testing of both the features is going on. It is expected that the edit button and caption feature will be launched for stable users in the coming days.

Apart from Edit Button and Caption, work is going on on this feature

Messaging app WhatsApp is also working on App Language feature along with Edit Button and Caption feature. With the arrival of this feature, users will be able to use the language of their choice on the platform. Currently the testing of this feature is going on. It is being speculated that this feature can be launched next month.

Twitter is also working on this feature

Apart from WhatsApp, micro-blogging platform Twitter is also working on the edit button. This feature will be launched in select regions and users will be given only five chances to correct the mistake in the tweet. Users will get this feature on the platform in the form of time-stamp. Twitter believes that with the advent of the edit button, users will be able to tweet without mistake.

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