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Woh Toh Hai Albela 11th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Woh Toh Hai Albela 11th August 2022 Written Episode Update

Woh Toh Hai Albela 11th August 2022 Written Update

Sayuri runs to her room and cries thinking why Kanha loves her so much and doesn’t feel bad even after she repeatedly insults and rejects him, it’s difficult to even for her to resist him when he comes in front of her, but she wants him to return to Anjali. She walks to the kitchen and notices Bhanu and Indu preparing snacks for Pihu as she is going for hockey training. She says she is totally about Pihu’s trip and couldn’t help her in packing. Bhanu asks her not to bother about it as they did it already.

Rashmi gets emotional while packing Pihu’s bag. Pihu cheers her up. Indu and Bhanu offer her snacks and says she should remember them at least once a day while having these snacks. Saloni enters and asks her to call them at least once a day and offers her a debit card. Kanha enters and even he offers his card and says he promised to share Sayuri’s 50% problems, though Sayuri forgot about it. Sayuri remembers the event. Kanha then offers first-aid boxes, knee pads, pain killers, etc., to Pihu and gives her valuable advice. Sayuri thinks Kanha loves her so much and takes care of her family, she doesn’t know how to discourage him.

Kanha tells Pihu that he will drop her at the railway station and asks if someone is accompanying him. Pihu asks Sayuri to accompany them, but Sayuri refuses and wishes her good luck. Kanha leaves with Pihu. Bhanu and Indu ask why didn’t she go with Kanha. Kanha waits for Sayuri outside the house. Pihu says Sayuri will not come and requests him to promise her that he will set everything right before she returns from training. Kanha promises her. She says Sayuri is hiding her love for him. He says he knows and she is not ready to accept it, but he will not give up and will continue to persuade her until she accepts it and returns to his life and house.

Sayuri walks to Pihu and asks her to look at the house carefully as they are shifting from this house before she returns from the training camp. Kanha asks why is she doing this, was it not enough to leave him that she wants to leave the city also? Sayuri says she has taken a decision. The family asks how can she take a decision without consulting them. Pihu says she will not go for training then.

Sayuri gets adamant. Kanha and her argument ensue. She says nobody can change her decision. Indu and Bhanu say Sayuri has made up her mind and will not change her decision. Kanha walks away angrily. Rashmi says Kanha is showing his patience and maturity and fears that Sayuri’s words may hurt him so much one day that he may give up. Indu fears what will happen to Sayuri then. Sayuri hopes that day comes soon.

Anjali walks to Saroj and says she is afraid that she will die if she doesn’t marry Kanha, but Kanha doesn’t even look at her. She vents out her anger on Sayuri and determines to punish her. She then apologizes to Saroj to forgive her for her mistake. Kusum walks in.

Anjali hugs her and reminds her that they had planned to enjoy a lot as nanad and bhabhi and says that time will come soon and asks her to call her bhabhi from hereon. Once she leaves, Saroj says she doesn’t know which behavior of Anjali is true. Kusum says neither one and says Anjali is untrustable and they should get rid of her before she harms anyone.

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