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Yaaradi Nee Mohini 22nd June 2021 Written Episode Update

यारदी नी मोहिनी १० अप्रैल २०२१ लिखित अपडेट: पूनगोथाई ने मुथुरासन से आग्रह किया कि वे स्वधा के बच्चे को देखें
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Yaaradi Nee Mohini 22nd June 2021 Written Episode Update

Yaaradi Nee Mohini The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The episode starts with Vennila fills the whole house with pooja’s smoke. Mutharasan can’t able to see anything in that smoke and questions Is anyone there? Vennila comes there and stands beside him Karthick says to him he is here only Janani to says the same. Vennila gives the coffee to him and asks everyone to fresh up soon she prepared sweet pongal to all. Mutharasan questions her what’s the matter? Vennila informs to him that she got a dream like Mutharasan and Vennila attending one kumbabishekam and he was sponsored for it. Kalai appreciates her dream. Swetha stares them in sarcasm. Akshya teases her that she wanna marry to Mutharasan but Vennila wanna build temple that’s the difference.

Kalai says to Mutharasan it’s an good thing she asks him to build the temple. Mutharasan says he wanna build temple for Vennila first reasoning she is treating all well here and taking care of all like a mother. Swetha dislikes it. Vennila asks him to stop teasing her she wanna build temple soon. Janani says it’s not easy to build a temple. Vennila says that if the right time comes then it will happen too. Akshaya asks Swetha to fresh up soon to eat pongal. Swetha beaten her.

One priest enters into Mutharasan house carrying goddess idol. Vennila notices him and invites him inside. Mutharasan notices him and enquires him who is him? Vennila shares to Mutharasan that she heard this voice in her dream. Priest informs to him that he is holding Poomari goddess. She is a very powerful god. Vennila prays to that god. He made it in clay and worshipping it with last 15 years. But yesterday god asked him to build temple and do kumbabishekam for her. Vennila says that same dream came to him also.

Priest says to him that he fears whether he believes him or not. Mutharasan says to him that he came to the right place. He will talk with the village people and take an decision soon. Priest hand over the clay goddess to Vennila and asks her to worship it till the temple build. Vennila nods and places it on pooja room. Vennila brings gift for him. Mutharasan praises her for understanding him well. Vennila says everything will happen well hereafter. Swetha says she won’t allow them to live peacefully.

Vennila is doing prayer and gives Prasad to all there. Janani asks Vennila to sing a god’s song. They didn’t hear her song for many days. Vennila sits down and starts sing there. Janani and Simran too joins with her. Swetha and Maruthu gang comes there and notices them. Maruthu complaints that all are keep torturing him in the name of pooja. He can’t able to talk in mobile. Mutharasan complaints that even he can’t able to tolerate Maruthu drama here. Maruthu asks him to treat him with respect.

Mutharasan says to him that he is doing too much here if he can’t able to bear this all just lock him inside the room. He is not dancing in his own but someone tuning him here. Swetha questions him Is he trying to say she taught something to him? Mutharasan questions her why is she giving attendance unnecessary? Mutharasan and Karthick teases her. Janani asks them to eat pongal instead of picking fight with them. Akshaya wishes to eat it but Swetha stops her. They leaves from there.

Karthick praises him for giving a fitting reply to them. Maruthu thinks that none are respecting him at all. He gets a phone call from Ramani and informs to him that he will deliver car if he pays 5lakhs advance. Maruthu thinks that where will he go for 5 lakhs? He calls to the real estate owner and asks money to him but he refuses to give the money. Swetha listens his conversion and pretends like consoling Maruthu. Maruthu shares to her that he needs 5 lakhs rupees immediately.

Episode end.

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