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Yeh Hai Chahatein 20th September 2022 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 20th September 2022 Written Episode Update
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Yeh Hai Chahatein 20th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Preesha tells Armaan that she wants to attend Rudra’s marriage before going to London. Armaan is shocked to hear that. Preesha says she wants to confirm that Rudra is really married and will not interfere in her life again, they will attend Pihu’s concert first and then Rudra’s marriage and then to London. Armaan agrees.

Pihu calls Rudra and informs him that Preesha agreed to stay back till his marriage. Rudra asks her to bring Preesha for song rehearsals today as he wants to act as romancing Vanshika and make Preesha jealous, he will arrange a press conference and will announce Pihu and Raj’s concert and his marriage with Vanshika to make it look like real. Pihu agrees.

Yeh Hai Chahatein 20th September 2022 Written Episode Update

After some time, Pihu brings Preesha to the studio. Rudra acts as getting romantic with Vanshika and praises her beauty. Preesha recalls Rudra romancing her similarly, feels extremely jealous, and grips Pihu’s hand tightly. Pihu writhes in pain and asks what happened to her. Preesha apologizes to her and walks in. Rudra thinks he is doing this for Preesha.

Armaan joins Pihu and Preesha. Kalindi walks in apologizing for being late and asks Raj and Pihu if they can start rehearsals. She starts flirting with Raj again, touching him inappropriately. Pihu reminds her that even she is present there. Raj starts singing. Kalindi continues making Pihu jealous. Preesha also continues to feel jealous seeing Rudra and Vanshika’s romance.

Pihu sings next and thinks Kalindi doesn’t seem to be right, she needs to find out what she is up to. After rehearsals, she notices Kalindi talking freely with Vidyuth and gets suspicious. Rudra calls everyone for the present conference. Raj goes to the washroom. Rudra addressed the media and thanked them for coming at a short notice. He says he has 2 good news to share, first one is he is marrying.

Reporters say it’s good news, who is the lucky girl if it’s a love or arranged marriage? Armaan thinks if Rudra is really marrying. Rudra says he will answer them later and first wants to make a second announcement. He announces Raj and Pihu’s music album launch and calls them on dias. Pihu joins him. They wait for Raj.

Kalindi walks in a dilapidated state pleading for help and accuses Raj of raping her. Everyone is shocked to hear that. Reporters ask her to explain in detail. Preesha protects Kalindi and tongue lashes reporters not to make someone’s ordeal breaking news. Armaan tongue lashes Rudra that his student followed his steps and raped Kalindi.

Rudra warns him to watch his mouth as he knows Raj wouldn’t perform such a heinous act. Pihu backs Rudra and says Raj can never do that. Kalindi asks if she can’t see her condition. Pihu says Raj can never misbehave with any girl.

Armaan asks if she has lost her mind. Kalindi says she has proof and asks everyone to accompany her. She takes them to change room and says she locked Raj when he tried to rape her. Rudra opens changing room and finds Raj there. The media clicks Raj’s pics. Armaan says the proof is in front of everyone now, looks like Kalindi is telling truth.

Raj asks what is happening here. Rudra asks Raj to tell him how is he here. Raj says he was heading towards the washroom, someone pushed him in and locked the door from outside. Kalindi accuses him of dragging her to this room and raping her. Raj says she lying, he can never think of abusing a woman. Kalindi shows scratches on her body and says he was flirting and trying to get intimate with her while she was teaching him singing.

Pihu recalls Kalindi doing that and says Kalindi instead was trying to get intimate with Raj during rehearsal. Kalindi says a woman is another woman’s enemy. Preesha says they will support truth and will punish Raj if he is wrong or her if she is wrong. She asks Armaan to call the police. Armaan says he already called the police.

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