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Yeh Hai Chahatein 21st September 2022 Written Episode Update: Armaan Traps Raj

Yeh Hai Chahatein 21st September 2022 Written Episode Update
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Yeh Hai Chahatein 21st September 2022 Written Episode Update: Preesha asks Armaan to call the police. Pihu says Raj cannot do anything wrong. Armaan says he already called the police. Rudra shouts how dare he is to call the police. Armaan asks if he wants to protect his student. Police enter and arrests Raj. Raj pleads that he didn’t do anything. Rudra assures him not to worry if he hasn’t done anything wrong, he will accompany him to the police station.

Pihu walks beside Raj. Armaan stops her. Pihu says Raj is innocent. Armaan says Raj has totally brainwashed her. Pihu pleads with him to let her go. Preesha asks Armaan to calm down and let Pihu go as Raj may be innocent, in fact, they also should go and find out the truth. At the police station, the inspector informs Rudra that they found skin debris and blood under Raj’s nails and have sent them to the lab for further investigation, preliminary investigation proves Raj raped Kalindi.

Yeh Hai Chahatein 21st September 2022 Written Episode Update

Raj says he is innocent. Inspector says if Kalindi’s DNA matches with the skin and blood sample under his nails, Raj is the culprit; he should be in jail till the investigation ends. Armaan tells Pihu and Preesha that he already warned them against Raj, they should leave from here before their image is tarnished. Pihu thinks she knows Raj is innocent.

Rudra questions Raj to describe what really happened. Raj says he was heading towards the bathroom when someone pushed him inside a room and forcefully scratches his nail on her body, he couldn’t see the face clearly as his specs had fallen down. Rudra says maybe someone is behind Kalindi who wants to frame him, he assures to find out the culprit soon.

Back home, Sharda asks Rudra why Raj is arrested. Vidyuth says Raj showed his true color and this is what happens when they bring a roaster home and continue badmouthing about Raj. Rudra slaps him and says he is his cousin, even then his character is known to everyone. He warns him to stop badmouthing about Raj as he knows how much Raj respects women.

Armaan meets Kalindi and praises her for executing their plan very well. He recalls how he hired Kalindi to get closer to Raj and accuse him of rape to trouble Rudra indirectly. He describes his plan to Digvijay and says he wants to save Pihu from Raj and not let Rudra in peace for troubling him. Kalindi recalls how she executed her plan and receives 50% payment from Armaan. Armaan promises to pay her more once Raj is sent to jail and asks her to blame Vidyuth if she ever is caught. Rudra tells Sharda that she doubts Armaan as he can go to any extent.

Pihu recalls Kalindi trying to lure Raj repeatedly and talking to Vidyuth. She thinks Vidyuth is behind this for sure. She walks to Preesha and says Vidyuth must have hired Kalindi to trap Raj as she saw Vidyuth speaking to Kalindi just before the press conference. She says Vidyuth even tried to spoil Raj’s voice during the singing competition. Preesha asks if she has any proof to prove it. Pihu doesn’t have any proof and doesn’t know what to do.

Preesha says they can confront Kalindi and then take her to Rudra. She goes to get ready. Rudra also plans to meet Kalindi and prove Raj’s innocence. Sharda suggests she take Vanshika along as Kalindi is unpredictable. Rudra agrees. Pihu and Preesha reach Kalindi’s house where her father informs her that she just now left with a bag. Pihu asks Preesha how will they prove Raj’s innocence now. Rudra also reaches there with Vanshika. Vanshika gets romantic seeing Preesha there.

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