Yeh Hai Chahatein 5th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Rudra Is Rejected

Yeh Hai Chahatein 5th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Rudra Is Rejected

Yeh Hai Chahatein 5th August 2022 Written Update

Roohi hugs and expresses her love for her father Rudra. She then insists he learns gardening and hires a gardener to train him. The gardener teaches him how to sow plants and water them. Golmaal Golmaal.. song plays in the background. Roohi and Saransh hug him and say he becomes a maali/gardener papa. Rudra says he became a gardening star from rockstar.

At college, the teacher gives a signing assignment to his students and pairs up Pihu and Raj. Raj returns Pihu’s tiffin and says laddus were tasty. Pihu says she doesn’t know when will SIL prepare laddus again and says if he doesn’t like their pairing, she will ask the teacher to change her pair. Raj says he doesn’t have any problem as someone told him one shouldn’t leave a chance of friendship. Pihu recalls saying the same and asks him to tell who said that. Raj recalls Rudra saying that. Pihu asks him to take her name as she said that. He says she is mature and kind-hearted, and they would make a good pair. Pihu agrees and shakes hands with him.

Rudra reaches Preesha’s home disguised as an old gardener and is shocked to see Kanchan interviewing a que of gardeners. He feels nervous and says he can’t win over real gardeners. Roohi encourages him and says even he learned gardening. Pihu fails to sing and coordinate with Raj during song practice and accepts that she is a bathroom singer and joined music class for Raj. Raj teaches her singing.

Rudra gives an interview. Kanchan says he looks to be very old, so she can’t hire him. He says he has to work to feed his family. She asks if he can take care of her garden well. He says that is what he has been doing his whole life. She asks him to demonstrate his skills. Pihu asks him to lift the item slowly like an old man. He picks tools slowly. Kanchan asks him to add fertilizer to a cactus plant.

Rudra remembers the gardener informing him not to add fertilizer to a cactus plant and to water it only once in 3-4 days. He repeats the same. Kanchan asks if she can plant rose plants. Another interviewer says she can and he will bring rose plants from a nursery. Rudra says she shouldn’t as roses grow in October-November. Kanchan asks which flower she should grow then. He says he doesn’t know. Roohi asks Gardner and informs him to say marigold flowers. Kanchan likes his idea.

Kanchan says she doesn’t want to hire him as he is too old. Rudra gets tensed. Kanchan says she wants to say that, but seeing the old man’s experience, she’s hiring him. Rudra thanks her and thinks he did it. Preesha walks to Kanchan and asks if she hired such an old gardener. Kanchan says he is very experienced and asks Rudra to come tomorrow.

Rudra says he cannot travel daily for 5 hours, so if she can give him servant quarters. Kanchan agrees and asked him to come tomorrow with his bag. Rudra agrees and returns home. Sharda asks if he got a job or not. Rudra creates suspense at first and then says he got it. Sharda thanks god and hopes Rudra succeeds in his plan.

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