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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshu asking Abhi to change. She makes him wear the thread that’s worn for the puja. Suwarna, Manish and Kairav talk about Abhimanyu and Akshu. Kairav says Akshu is getting blamed for the wrong. Manish says storm doesn’t see what’s coming in the way and ruins everything, this is also a storm, Akshu is a part of that family, even if she wasn’t blamed, she would be tensed, I pray that everything gets fine. She says everyone will get fine when everything gets fine. Akshu makes a video call to Suwarna and sees Neil. Neil goes. Akshu says Manjiri is Kanha’s devotee, she would have told you stories of him, Kanha used to hide and then knew it that his mum will find it, Yashoda is worshipped more than Devki, you have mum at least, not everyone is lucky like you. Neil gets sad. Akshu says she sat in the puja, now its upto you, if you can make this puja successful or not. She turns and sees Abhi. Abhi says this is your plan. She says yes, she is my mum also. He says I have no problem with this puja, but with mum’s hope, her hope can break. They argue. She says I m sure that Neil will come, he is missing you and mum a lot, hearts should be connected. He says its broken, if mum cries, then I can’t forgive you. she says okay, you can’t punish me or get upset with me for trying. She stumbles. Abhi holds her and pulls her in arms. He says do one puja for yourself also. She kisses on his cheek. She says you are there for me. The board members ask Harsh to resign. Anand says Harsh is the CEO, he runs this hospital, you can’t decide this without asking us. Harsh worries. Neil is at Goenka house. Everyone prays in Birla house. Anand scolds the board members. The man says if Manjiri publicly tells that she has forgiven him, then the people will forgive him. Mahima asks how did she come in between. The man asks Harsh to understand, a small thing can ruin him and a small sorry can make him great. Harsh asks Anand to talk to Manjiri. Akshu thinks did I do anything wrong. Manjiri and Abhi turn and look at the door. Harsh says this is Manjiri’s family, explain her and ask her to come here and forgive me, this is the change that she will come in limelight. Harsh says I m tolerating this just for Birla hospital.

Abhi says its time for the final Ahuti. Harsh says I will step down, you can imagine what will happen with the hospital. Anand says it will sink either ways. Harsh asks will we let it sink ever. Manjiri thinks of Neil and cries. Neil comes and joins the puja. She happily cries. Abhi smiles. The pandit says the havan completed. Aarohi looks on and thinks Neil has come back, but Abhi didn’t win, maybe another problem comes in his life. Harsh says nothing will happen until we have the hospital in our hands, convince Manjiri, please. Anand asks Mahima to explain her sister. Neil says sorry. Manjiri hugs him and says no. She hugs Abhi also. Akshu thinks everything is fine. Aarohi thinks some issue has happened. Parth clicks their pic. Manjiri goes to show dhoop in the house. Abhi looks at Akshu. She smiles.

Akshu asks Neil to say what’s in his heart. She says I know you came back to respect my work. He says really sorry to go that day, I can’t forget this, if mum told everyone about me, then things would have been different. Abhi and Manjiri look on. Akshu says give some time. Neil says many years passed, my personality would have changed if I knew I m Harsh’s son, I would have asked love and respect with rights, anyway I m habitual to live this way. Abhi says mum got you because you needed love and care. Neil says you can’t decide this, I just told Akshu when she asked, else I would have not told.

Mahima calls Manjiri and asks her to come to the hospital, board members want you to come here and forgive Harsh. Harsh asks Manjiri to come and forgive him. He says I admit I did wrong, why to punish others, board of directors want you to forgive me, my age will pass, if others get harmed, especially Abhi, then it will be bad, please come to the hospital, will you come. She sees Abhi. She disconnects. She goes. Abhi asks Parth to give the prasad to Neil. Akshu follows Manjiri. She also sits in the car, and leaves with her. Abhi asks the servant about Manjiri. Servant says Manjiri left for the hospital, Harsh called her, Akshara also went along. Abhi says fine.

Abhi says my mum will divorce you. Harsh and everyone are shocked.

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