Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st October 2022 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st October 2022 Written Episode Update: The Episode starts with Abhi says I have done what I found right. Neil gets Akshu’s call. He says I will call you in 5 mins. She says okay, call back soon. Aarohi says we have to tell this Akshu. They all discuss. Suwarna says we will take some time. Dadi says we won’t tell her anything so soon. Vansh warns Aarohi.

Akshu comes. They all look at her. Akshu asks are you all on hunger strike. Suwarna says no. Akshu says I have sent the food for Manish and Kairav, it’s a matter of a few days, come. She drops the tea over the papers. They all get worried. She says sorry, tea fell over this paper also. She picks the divorce papers. She gets a call and keeps it down. She goes to take the call. Everyone is relieved.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st October 2022 Written Episode Update

Akshu asks why he wants to do this, it’s not worth it. Neil says I can’t say anything to Abhi. She says I want to meet him at the temple where we started our life, we have hurt each other a lot, we have to heal each other, I will try to make everything fine. He thinks she doesn’t know about separation papers. She says I m sure if we sit and talk, then everything will get fine. Abhi thinks Akshu didn’t react till now, doesn’t she care? Akshu asks will you get Abhi. Neil says sure, I will get him tomorrow. Abhi waits for her answer.

It’s morning, Akshu wakes up. She imagines Abhi beside her. She says I know I m dreaming with open eyes, thanks. They have the methi dana juice. She says I m coming to ask for our togetherness, it’s best to be Abhira. Her dream ends. She hugs the teddy. She says I want our togetherness back.

Neil sees Abhi and thinks Akshu’s answer will end all his questions. He says we have to go to the temple first. Abhi says I have to meet Manjiri. Neil says I have kept puja for mum, come. Abhi agrees. Neil says I didn’t lie, you will know the truth after going there. Akshu takes the keys. She gets Neil’s message. She gets the advocate’s name on the envelope.

Aarohi says everyone has gone for Satsang, is there anything urgent? Akshu says nothing. Aarohi goes on a call. Akshu looks for the papers. She says it’s okay, I will ask when everyone comes. She turns and sees the papers. She gets shocked reading the divorce notice. She recalls Abhi and cries.

Abhi comes to the temple and asks did you just get this temple. Neil asks why is there any problem. Abhi says no. Neil says go in, I will get garlands. Abhi hears a man and says even I want an answer. He sees Akshu there. They recall their moments. She says our relationship started here, before seeing these papers, I decided to meet you here, I asked Neil to get you here, last time, we went from here, even today we will leave from here, there is always a scope in any relation, but it should be from both the sides.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st October 2022 Written Episode Update

They see both families. Harsh says we didn’t know Akshu will be here, what’s happening. Dadi says Aarohi saw the papers in your hand and informed us, to come home with us, and we will talk. Everyone asks about the papers.

Akshu says it good that everyone came here, be it love marriage or arranged marriage, marriage happens between two families, I thought of meeting Abhi and giving another chance to our relation, I will work hard to save our relation, but I got these papers, separation papers sent by you, I wished to sign, but I didn’t sign, I wanted to see love in your eyes, but it’s okay. Mahima says Abhi has sent the papers to you. Akshu says no one has a right to speak between us, we were the reason for the relation’s joining and breaking today.