Your car will get sunroof for only 22 thousand rupees, you will not have to spend lakhs of rupees on new ones

केवल 22 हजार रुपये में सनरूफ वाली हो जाएगी आपकी कार, नहीं खर्च करने पड़ेंगे नई पर लाखों रुपये
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If the car has a sunroof then it is a different matter. But cars with sunroofs are very expensive. If you also wish for a sunroof car, then this dream of yours can come true. You can get a sunroof in your car for just 22 thousand rupees, know how it will work.

The demand for car with sunroof is increasing rapidly in India. Many customers give special preference to a car with a sunroof while buying a new car. Having a sunroof allows more air to enter the cabin of the car. At the same time, the car also looks very attractive to see. A sunroof car gives a different experience while traveling to a beautiful place. However, such cars are very expensive and not everyone can afford them. If you too aspire to have a sunroof in your current car, then there is no need to spend lakhs of rupees. You can get a sunroof in your car for just 22 thousand rupees.

Sunroof for 22 thousand rupees

There are many companies in the market that install sunroofs in the car. A Delhi-based company claims that the price of installing a sunroof in a car starts from Rs.22,000 onwards. This company offers five packages to install a sunroof in the car. The price of these packages starts from Rs 22,000 to Rs 1.7 lakh. Customers can choose the package according to their budget.

Sunroof will open manually and with buttons

The base package of the sunroof is Rs 22,000 thousand. But the sunroof that is installed under this package is manual. Due to its cheapness, this sunroof does not open completely. At the same time, there is not much difference between the second (Rs 65,000) and the third (Rs 75,000) package. The sunroof available in both the packages opens with a button, but the third one gets an anti-pinch feature with opaque shade.

panoramic sunroof experience

The fourth package costs Rs 1.3 lakh and gets a fabric convertible type lid for the sunroof opening. Its opening is similar to that of a panoramic sunroof. Customers don’t even need to worry about leaks etc. On the other hand, the fifth and top package (Rs 1.7 lakh) is fully automatic and inbuilt sunroof. The glass roof of this model slides in between the panels.

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