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Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 6th September 2021 Written Update

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 6th September 2021 Written Update
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Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 6th September 2021 Written Update: Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana The serial never fails to impress the audience with interesting drama and twists, now in the upcoming drama Pritam’s friend capturing the goons who pointed the gun at them. Pritam sends Dadaji away and leaves with his friends. At the office, Shetty is lashing out at Meera for spoiling the presentation. Meera says someone tampered with her presentation. Shetty mocks her.

Meera says that she’s sure Kabir is the one who messed up with her presentation. Shetty says that she has had a problem with Kabir from day 1 and says that Kabir is a very intelligent and efficient employee. Meera gets irked. Beeji is waiting for Dadaji to return when Amrita recalled Pritam’s warning. She asks Soni to call Dadaji. Beeji says Pritam would buy a ring light for Dadaji. Nimmo gets confused hearing it.

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 6th September 2021 Written Update

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 6th September 2021 Written Update

Suddenly Pammi and Baljeet barge in frustration and complain about Pritam. They show the video of Pritam fighting with a soap body and badmouth him. Soni, Beeji, and Amrita support Pritam saying that he was complaining about no water while bathing. Nimmo supports them saying what can he do when water stops in between while bathing. She jokes Beeji that what if this video gets more likes than Dadaji’s. Pammi complained about their insult. Baljeet says that this is how a guy ran away with Mansi’s daughter-in-law. Amrita feels embarrassed while Nimmo shouts at them to leave. Nimmo consoles Amrita.

Meera comes out of Shetty’s cabin frustrated with his trust in Kabir. Meera swears to avenge Kabir. Meera finds everyone missing and asks her friend about it. She says that Kabir is giving treats to everyone in the canteen and invited them too. She leaves for a treat. Meera gets frustrated that Kabir is celebrating her embarrassment. She furiously looks at his laptop and comes up with a plan. She makes few changes and to his laptop and goes back to her seat. Meera calls Shetty and apologizes for mistaking Kabir. Shetty gets happy that she finally realized her mistake.

Meera says that Kabir is like a gold mine that has all the big contacts. Shetty doesn’t believe her when Meera shows him his laptop with all the email ids of big companies. She says that Kabir can get lots of clients for them and they just need to give an ultimatum for him to bring clients. Shetty agrees with her and gives him three days for bringing three clients and asks her to inform him and leaves. Meera laughs at her successful plan.

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 6th September 2021 Written Update

Kabir sends a picture of his fake appointment letter. Amrita sees them and calls them but they make some excuse. Pritam comes there and hears them saying about fake appointment letters. They identify him as Kabir’s pg and pleads him to not reveal anything. Amrita finds it and scolds Pritam for troubling Kabir’s friends but their friends say they were just talking. Once she leaves they plead him to not reveal anything and Pritam lets them go. Before going up, Beeji comes to him and asks about her ring light.

Pritam says it’s Amrita who asked him to not buy anything. He calls Amrita when Beeji doesn’t believe him but Amrita lies that she never said so. Beeji gets angry at Pritam while Pritam fumes at Amrita’s lie. He comes to his room fruits to find the door lock broken and gets frustrated. Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 6th September 2021 Written Update.

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