Business Idea: You can get 100 times turmeric in 1 acre by vertical farming, there will be a profit of about 2 crores every yea

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Business Idea: You can get 100 times turmeric in 1 acre by vertical farming, there will be a profit of about 2 crores every year: If you do vertical farming instead of normal farming, then you can increase your production up to 100 times. You will make huge profits every year. The population of India is increasing rapidly. Along with the population, the number of houses, roads, and factories is increasing rapidly. As a result, the cultivable land is rapidly decreasing.

In such a situation, attention has been started on new techniques of farming. One such technique is vertical farming, on which many companies related to agriculture have started working. Actually, this technique is from Israel, where due to lack of land, vertical farming is done. Vertical farming is also different for different things. However, if you want to grow turmeric, then vertical farming can prove to be a great thing for you.

It is being claimed that with this technique you can get as much as 100 acres of yield in just one acre of space. Turmeric is not only used in food in homes, but it is also widely used in the cosmetics and pharma industry (Benefits of Turmeric Farming). Vertical farming of turmeric can prove to be a profitable business idea for you.

How is Vertical Farming of Turmeric done?

At present, a Maharashtra-based company AS Agri & Aqua LLP is working on the vertical cultivation of turmeric. In vertical farming, the GI pipe is set vertically in containers 2-3 feet deep and up to 2 feet wide. The upper part of each container remains open, in which turmeric is grown. Although most of the vertical farming is done by hydroponic or aquaponic method, this company in Maharashtra is cultivating turmeric in the soil. Multiple containers are joined together in a vertical manner, in which soil is filled by mixing cocopeat and vermicompost. A big shed is built over it so that the temperature can be controlled.

Temperature is very important for the cultivation of turmeric. For this, the temperature should be between 12 degrees to 26 degrees, in which the best yield is obtained. When the temperature is high, foggers are installed to control it. These foggers can also be automatic, which will start automatically when the temperature rises above a certain threshold. At the same time, these foggers can also be kept manually, which have to be operated when the temperature rises. If the entire structure is made of GI pipe, it does not deteriorate for 20-25 years. That is, you have to spend just once erecting it and then keep cultivating in the same structure for years.

How is turmeric cultivated?

In vertical farming, turmeric should be placed at a distance of 10-10 cm. The distance is applied in a zig-zag manner. In this way, two rows of turmeric seeds are planted in these earthen containers. There is a space of about 1 foot between the two containers at the top and bottom. In such a situation, when turmeric grows, it grows straight upwards, but after some time the leaves of turmeric come out like an edge. Turmeric is best for this type of vertical farming as it does not require much sunlight. Turmeric cultivation is also good in shade.

The turmeric crop is completely ready in about 9 months. In this shed vertical structure, the crop is not affected by the weather and the temperature can also be controlled. In such a situation, you can harvest four times in 3 years, whereas in the field you are able to harvest only once in 1 year because the weather has to be taken care of there.

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