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Jyothi 12th June Written Episode Update Anirudh reaches India

Jyothi 5th June Written Update: Goons attacked Jyothi
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Jyothi 12th June Written Episode Update Anirudh reaches India

Jyothi The serial never fails to impress the audience with the interesting drama and twist,now in the upcoming drama.

The episode starts with Jyoti calls the video grapher to drink coffee. Seeing her they runs from there in fear. She doubts what happened to them? Rangan brings coffee to Padmavathy she is staring Anirudh photo. Rangan questions her what’s bothering her? Padmavathy informs to him that she wishes to see happiness fulfilled in this house but it’s not happening here. She wishes to bring Anirudh here and perform his marriage. Rangan appreciate her idea and thinks Jyothi will be a queen of this palace soon. Anirudh reaches there and thinks no one is here to welcome him. He is here after so many years though no one is here to welcome him. Anirudh enters inside the house and notices Jyothi is dancing there. He stares her Jyothi stops dancing seeing him and runs from there. She hides from his sight and blushes. she check whether he is seeing her or not? Anirudh pulls her out and holds her hand. She questions him why did he holding her hand? He shows snake to her. She fears and hugs him. She shares to him that she is scared of snake. He teases her with snake she hugs him again. Rangan dreamt this all. His wife comes there and complaints that he is dreaming in day time also. Rangan complaints that she is not allowing him to dream in day time also. Rangan thinks that one day she gonna see who is Jyothi? She gonna respect a lot.

Manasa is playing game there. Leelavathi scolds her for playing game and questions her will Anirudh play with her? She complaints he is a book worm. Leelavathi questions her Is she like Anirudh? She says to her she likes him a lot reasoning he is handsome and educated. Leelavathi is praising him alot. Manasa complaints she hates his father but praising his son a lot. Leelavathi asks Manasa to change Anirudh mind and make him fall for her reasoning he is the owner of this palace. If she marry him then all these properties will come to her name. Naveena is talking romantically with Anirudh photo and kisses it. Jyothi comes that side she stops her. Naveen questions Jyoti Is she know Anirudh coming? She nods. Naveena asks her to clean Anirudh room. Rangan helps Jyothi to clean his room. He notices Anirudh photo and stares Jyothi he drams like Jyothi and Anirudh are discussing about their baby naming ceremony. Rangan asks them to keep Adhisation name to their baby. Jyothi questions him why is he blabbering? Her brother is teasing his uncle. Rangan tells her that they are distance relative of Anirudh so Jyothi has all rights to marry him.

Sarasu advises to Jyothi don’t day dream like her father. Anirudha are rich people but they are poor people even fighting to eat for daily lives. Jyothi notices Anirudh photo and cleans it. Manasa notices Jyothi is cleaning Anirudh photo. She warns Jyothi to stay away from Anirudh and don’t dare to come near his room also. She insulted Jyothi and sends her out. Jyothi cries. Vaasu comes near Grandpa and praises him for become a owner of that palace. He complaints that everyone gave the responsibility to his hand believing he saved everyone. But he doubts how come Jyothi has so much power? Even he can’t able to find it out or his wife can’t able to do it. Before they use this property Anirudh is coming back to this house. Vaasu says he is young. Grandpa tells him that Anirudh is brilliant and educated one. He will questions him about this money and accounts. Grandma asks him to finish Anirudh. Rajashekha the one whom made him limping like this so he will cry seeing his son suffering. Grandpa creates a spell there and shares with Vaasu he gonna kill Anirudh using this method.

Vaasu tells him after postmortem they can find his body has poison. Grandpa says poison will vanish from his body after he died. He learnt this magic in 10byears. Vaasu asks him to teach him how to do it? He complaints that he didn’t learnt small magic too. Naveen and Manasa are arguing with each other for Anirudh. Grandpa comes there and sends the girls out. He chants some mantras one stone comes to his hand. Grandpa asks Vaasu to place this stone in this room. He again chants some mantras and brings Viboothi. He asks him to throws it everywhere in his room. In few minutes smokes covers in that room. Grandpa tells him once Anirudh places his feet in this room it will turns to poison and died here. Grandpa asks him Is he left. Bhaii is praying to god his daughter informs to him that she is going to Rathnamalikai to return their son photo. Bhaii notices the photo and gets the flashes of future. Bhaii says to his daughter that he is in danger he wanna save him. Some people comes there and asks Bhaai to cure their daughter. He tries to leave from there but they pleaded with him. Bhaii assures to help them.

Anirudh reaches to India Rajasekhar picks him up and leaves. Anirudh questions him Is everything ok in Rathinamalika? He informs to him by god grace everything went well all are safe in home. Mithran whom saved everyone with his magic. Bhaii praya to god two lives are in danger hoe will he save one from them?

Episode end.

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