14 Cowboy Boots Thatll Make You The Star Of Every Rodeo

14 Cowboy Boots Thatll Make You The Star Of Every Rodeo: If you didn’t grow up on a farm, it could be hard to wear cowboy boots and not look silly. But it would be best if you tried them out anyway. Men are now very likely to wear them.

“Now, not only farmers but also fashionable men in big cities like New York and Paris wear them,” says Seppe Tirabassi, a fashion expert. “They’re well-known right now. But they will always be a famous shoe that shows how good Americans are.”

Cowboy boots aren’t the only kind of boots that look Western. Genuine cowboy boots are made in a certain way. They have a round or pointy front, making putting your foot in a horse’s stirrup easier. They have a special tip that keeps the boot from slipping out of the stirrup. Cowboy boots are tall and easy to wear because there are no laces. They are made of tough leather to protect the foot from thorns and animals.

The Roper is a different kind of boot. It looks like a cowboy boot but is more straightforward, shorter, and has a smaller tip. It was made for people who had to run fast in rodeos. Cowboy boots always look good, no matter your choice, especially as they age.

“Cowboy boots are a special kind of American shoe that lasts a long time,” says Tirabassi. “They seem more relaxed the older and more used they look. Some people even pay more for old boots because they like the way they look.

Tirabassi also picked 14 pairs of cowboy boots he liked and explained how to wear them. Time to give them a try!

  1. Ariat Sport Hersdman Western Boot
Ariat Sport Hersdman Western Boot

Ariat’s equestrian boots are some of the most comfortable and stylish on the market. They are named after the famous racehorse Secretariat. Ariat uses technology from sports shoes to make these boots.

“The contrast between the leather and the traditional stitching is a great detail on this particular boot,” says Tirabassi. “For a black-on-black look, wear skinny black jeans that you can tuck into your boots to show off the stitching. Put on a leather jacket, and you’re good to go.”

2. Justin Tobias

Justin Tobias

Since 1879, the Justin Boot Company has made Western shoes in the United States. Tirabassi says, “These guys were the first to make the modern roper cowboy boot.” “This Roper has a higher heel than most, but that just means you’ll stand a little taller and with more pride. I like the smooth black leather because it goes with almost everything, even a wool suit.”

3. Old Gringo Budd

Old Gringo Budd

Old Gringo is known for making handmade boots with beautiful embroidery that stay true to the roots of Western style. Tirabassi says that if you want to get more use out of your boots, you should buy a simple style with small features.”I like the way the worn leather looks,” he says. “Pair it with a worn-in light wash or vintage pants and a white t-shirt. You’ll be home on a Texas ranch or Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles.”

4. Frye Duke Roper

Frye Duke Roper

The Frye Company has been making boots for more than 150 years, and its signature styles that stand the test of time have won it a lot of fans.”These Frye shoes are versatile because they don’t have any flashy stitching, and the round toe won’t make your feet hurt,” says Tirabassi. “For this pair, you can pull your dark denim pants over the top of the boot instead of tucking them inside.”

5. Tecovas The Marshall

Tecovas The Marshall

Each Tecovas boot goes through more than 200 steps and is made by hand in León, Mexico. Tecovas boots are known for their soft exotic leathers, like python and crocodile, and elaborate stitch patterns.

“If there’s one high-end pair to splurge on, it’s these Tecovas made from Nile crocodile,” says Tirabassi. “Don’t wear this pair to stomp around a rodeo. Instead, wear them to an upscale restaurant or wedding where you want to look your best.”

6. Lucchese Welted Western 12″ Work Boot

Lucchese Welted Western 12 Work Boot

In 1882, the Lucchese brothers moved to the United States from Italy. They opened their first boot shop in San Antonio, Texas, the following year. The quality of Lucchese boots has been known for a long time, and they are often given as gifts to important people worldwide.

Tirabassi likes that there are more choices for making work boots more durable, such as a steel toe and Lucchese’s seam-sealing technology for waterproofing. He says, “The leather is treated so water can’t get in anywhere on the boot.” “The bottom of the shoe has grooves that make it easy for mud to slide off.”

7. Ferrini Colt Full Quill Ostrich

Ferrini Colt Full Quill Ostrich

Another boot company with roots in Italy, Ferrini is known for making boots with exotic leathers like ostrich that are surprisingly cheap. “Full quill ostrich is the most desirable kind of ostrich leather.

It has a bumpy look and feel that makes it easy to spot,” says Tirabassi. “Half ostrich or smooth ostrich shows less of a quill pattern, and the leather from the ostrich’s leg looks more scaly, almost reptilian.”

9. Laredo Atlanta Cowboy Boots

Laredo Atlanta Cowboy Boots

Laredo boots are one of the most popular Western-style boots because they are cheap. Tirabassi says, “The metal details at the toe and heel give your typical black leather cowboy boots a nice touch.” “A white t-shirt, black jeans, and a black leather jacket with metal hardware will make you feel like James Dean.”

10. Tony Lama Tascosa

Tony Lama Tascosa

Tony Lama, the son of Italian immigrants, learned how to sell boots from his uncle when he was just 11 years old. He worked as a cobbler for the U.S. Cavalry at Fort Bliss, and in 1911, he opened a boot shop in El Paso, Texas, that was named after him.

The same family held Tony Lama until 1990 when Justin Brands bought it. It still makes great boots, though. Tirabassi says, “These are your classic leather boots that will age well.” “Everyone will be asking you where you got them,” says Tirabassi.

11. Rios of Mercedes Raiz Waxy Kudo Mocha Roper

Rios of Mercedes Raiz Waxy Kudo Mocha Roper

Rios of Mercedes has been making some of the best hand-made cowboy boots since 1853. Rios was born in Mexico and raised in Texas. Famous musicians and performance horses continue to say good things about the name. Tirabassi says,

“Planet Cowboy in Nashville is the place to go for all things cowboy, like this pair of boots from Rios of Mercedes.” “I love the round toe and warm mocha color because it’s stylish and easy to wear thanks to the few details. The waxed leather gives it an old-fashioned look that goes with any outfit for fall or winter.

12. Planet Cowboy Classic Cowboy

Planet Cowboy Classic Cowboy

Planet Cowboy also makes its Western boots, which you can easily spot by the wing design on the top. These boots are worth a look. This boot’s soft leather lining will remove moisture from your feet, keeping them dry and comfy.

“The sturdy vegetable-tanned leather is less likely to fade over time,” says Tirabassi. “Plus, lemonwood pegs hammered by hand into the leather outsole will keep the bottoms strong and secure for years to come.”

13. Rhodes Footwear Roper Boot

Rhodes Footwear Roper Boot

Rhodes sells hand-made shoes like chukkas, boat shoes, and more. These shoes are made in a family-run shop in León, Mexico, becoming the world’s shoemaking capital. This Roper is rough and smooth at the same time. It has waxed leather that is soft like a glove and a flexible suede that won’t smell.

“It’s especially cool to find out that Rhodes makes their boots with waste from the beef industry,” says Tirabassi. “More brands should try to find materials that can be used for more than one thing in the same way.”

14. Kingsly Caiman Boot

Kingsly Caiman Boot

Dan Post’s Cowboy Certified line of boots is a step up from the brand’s original collection because it uses unusual skins and fancier leathers. You don’t have to set aside time to break these in because they are made with Soft Strike technology, which reduces blister-causing hotspots.

They also come with an orthotic cushion that can be taken out. Tirabassi says, “These are made from caiman skin, which is related to crocodile and alligator skin.” “In general, caiman is a lot less expensive.”

15. Capistrano Black

Capistrano Black

When master cobblers from Spain make Capistrano’s famous cowboy boots, they pay attention to every detail. The wood footbed is one of our favorite parts. It slowly molds to your foot as you walk.”

Think of these like the Chelsea boots of cowboy boots: sleek, simple, and classic,” says Tirabassi. “Get the black version so you can wear them anywhere, from the wedding of your best friend to the honky tonk.”

16. Tecovas The Cartwright

Tecovas The Cartwright

The Cartwright is also a great choice. Tecovas make this type in three kinds of leather: soft calfskin, tougher bovine, and oily goat leather, which ages like a dream.

The Cartwright is another timeless pick. Tecovas crafts this model in three versions: supple calfskin, tougher bovine, or oil-rich goat leather, which ages like a dream. 

“I’m a huge fan of the cording on the sides of the boot and the toe stitching on the vamp,” Tirabassi says.

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